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Who Are Your Best Customers and Why?

As a small business, you need to know how to segment B2B customers. Why? Because everyone is trying to build customer awareness, brand recognition, and consumer loyalty. Marketing talk of the town is about user experience – which makes getting to know them critical to your businesses success. Everyone is yelling from a mountain top,…

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Top Tips for Creating and Maintaining Social Media Content

You need to know how to maintain social media presence. However, when it comes to curating, scheduling, and planning your social media content, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed. We see it happen to clients all the time. But, by focusing on the development of a strategy when it comes to all of your…

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Why Beta Test a Website Before Launch

Learn how to beta test a website before launch. Why? New websites are exciting. New websites are a lot of work. And, new websites will have potential issues at the time of launch. What?! You ask… We know. Websites take several weeks or months to plan, design, develop, create content and get to the point…

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Traditional Vs Digital Marketing. Is There a Difference?

Can digital marketing replace traditional marketing? Marketing is a word that can morph and evolve based on the whim of the person wielding it. But if you cut to the core of the word, the idea is simple: identifying a market for your product or service and communicating its worth to that market, including both…

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Budgeting Your Posts. How Often Should You Post?

These days, every business has a presence on social media. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and they are all very unique sites, so how often should you post on them? Is there one hard and fast rule to live by? There are some general guidelines, but what works for you and your business…

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The Main Components of Email Marketing

Let’s talk about email marketing. While it may be something that triggers an eye roll due to its bad wrap as junk mail, it’s honestly a very big piece of your sales and marketing strategy – or at least it should be. As social media becomes more fragmented, focusing on personal stories and less on…

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8 Ways Blogging Impacts Lead Generation and Website Traffic

Nearly every business today is utilizing their website to help generate sales leads and impact their bottom line – but not all are doing it effectively. Sure, you’ve heard about blogging, but do you know how blogging can help you increase relevant website traffic? Let us count the ways (we’ll keep it to 8)! Blogging…

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8 Budget Friendly Holiday Marketing Tips to Try Today

Need holiday marketing tips to try? The end of the year is in sight. If you’re in retail, restaurants or a local service provider, you know that it’s crunch time for holiday sales and promotions. If you haven’t thought about yet, it’s time! We’ve put together some short-term things you can do to boost your…

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