Put a Halt to the Hassle: Keep Track of your Company’s Login Information

Want to learn how to keep track of passwords for your business? One of the first things we do when onboarding a new client is ask for access to their website, social media accounts, email marketing platform, Google My Business page, and Google Analytics.

For some clients, this task is resolved through a simple email. For others, it can take days or weeks, as they struggle to remember where they scribbled down their business’ Facebook login, or who was in charge of their Google My Business account.

So, let’s get to business. Below are three reasons you should keep track of your company’s logins.

1. Contributes to Workflow

Your marketing agency (or any new hire) can’t start reviewing website analytics, preparing emails, making website updates nor  begin social media marketing until, well, we have access to your social media accounts.

We’re eager to help our clients, but we’re at a standstill until we have the information and access we need. Sometimes even the simplest things like an Instagram password can halt the flow of marketing efforts. If everything is in the same place, it’ll speed up the process.

2. Makes Your Life Easier

Chances are that you don’t want to waste hours of your time emailing everyone at your company trying to figure out who has what access to each of your company’s accounts. Nor do you want to find out it was a past intern or someone no longer with the company!

You’ll be relieved when you can open a single document or folder and find all of the assets your marketing agency needs to get the ball rolling.

3. Nothing Gets Lost

We’ve all had our fair share of experiences getting locked out of an account because of a lost password. If your company has a private document or folder specifically for logins, it’s nearly impossible for this to happen.

Best Practices to Account Access and Password Management

Tracking logins and who has admin access to your social media profiles is important, and it can be simple. At RED66, we’re in charge of not only our personal logins information, but we have a ton of client information to keep track of, too.

We suggest creating a secure Google Drive folder with all of your digital tools and social media login information, and sharing it with each of your team members who need access to those accounts.

We securely document client access details for every single client we have. That way, should they have new hires or transition away from us as an agency, we can easily provide all logins, access permissions and things quickly.

Make the Move: Keep Track of Passwords for Your Business

Seriously—put everything in one safe, secure place. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll thank yourself later. It can save you hours of time, relieve a lot of stress, and make the entirety of the marketing process much easier for everyone involved.

What would that document include?

  • Note which account or social profile
  • List who has what access (by email)
  • Use Facebook Business Manager, so you can assign people or agency partners to your business pages, rather than adding or removed page admins/editors.
  • Perhaps create one general company email, perhaps yourcompanyname@gmail.com that has access to all Google products (Analytics, My Business Pages, Search Console, etc)
  • And more…

If you need help keeping your marketing on track, give RED66 a call.

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