Mickey's Linen

B2B SEO Case Study

Company Culture-Driven Website Redesign Generates Increase of 23,600% from Organic Conversions in Just One Month


Mickey's Linen is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated linen rental company, founded in Chicago in 1930. Over the years, they expanded their operations to six locations, from Milwaukee, WI to Hammond, IN, with their headquarters in Chicago, IL. Their dedication to quality service and exceptional company culture set them apart in the industry.

However, they faced several challenges with their website, which was hindering them from pursuing new partnerships with businesses in need of linen rental services in their service areas.

We first met the Mickey's team at the Annual CSC National Conference in March of 2023. This is where we learned of their website woes, and since we believe a business’ website is their 24/7 salesperson, we knew we had to step in.

The Challenge

Here are just a few of the issues Mickey's faced prior to our website refresh and content overhaul.

Technical Issues: Parts of the website, such as the Careers portal and form deliverability, were not functioning correctly.

Lack of Team-Culture-Centered Content: The existing website did not effectively convey the company's culture or differentiate it from their competitors.

SEO Opportunities: While they had decent keyword rankings, there was room for improvement, particularly in attracting organic leads from specific service areas around the Great Lakes region.

Navigation and Brand Clarity: The top-level navigation was cumbersome, and the website's content needed organization and consolidation. The brand's unique advantages were unclear, and the messaging needed refinement.

Minimal Organic Lead Generation: Most leads came from paid directories, with minimal organic lead generation. Additionally, they had issues with tracking and receiving web leads.

The Approach and Solution

In response to these challenges, a thorough and all-encompassing strategy was implemented; using our proven website planning, design, and development process.

SEO Optimization: Relevant, high-intent keywords were incorporated into the website's structure and on-page elements. The top-level navigation was streamlined for improved user experience.

Targeting Service Areas for SEO: Service area sub-pages were added to cater to all locations, enhancing local lead generation and future PPC opportunities.

Clear and Concise Messaging: A clear campaign, "Knowing Your Business is What We Do. That’s Mickey’s Promise," was developed to convey their commitment to exceptional service and employee empowerment.

Enhanced Website Redesign: The website underwent a redesign, featuring user-friendly elements such as a dropdown box for napkin colors and more employee and truck photos to stand out from competitors.

The Results


Increase in Organic Lead Form Submissions

  • 0%

Website Visitors Attributed to Organic Search

Streamlined Web Lead Delivery

The sales team now receives web lead forms directly to their email inboxes.

Huge Increase in Website Traffic

Since the website's mid-September launch, it has attracted over 2,900 visitors, marking a remarkable 6,620% increase from the previous period. Of these visitors, 63% came from organic search.

Surge in Organic Lead Submissions

Organic lead form submissions surged, with over 230 service forms submitted, representing a staggering 23,600% increase from the previous period.

Improved SERP Visibility

The website's overall organic visibility improved, along with keyword rankings for specific, targeted keywords such as:

  • restaurant linen service
  • floor mat rental
  • towel rental service
  • linen rental chicago
Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 4.54.03 PM

Moving Forward

Mickey's Linen is expanding by opening a new, advanced plant in Hammond, IN to enhance efficiency and broaden their service area. The company plans to continue generating leads through the website and may consider shifting focus away from PPC altogether.

With a well-established website finally underway, our team has now begun broader marketing efforts and campaigns, including design collateral, marketing emails, social media, and ongoing SEO maintenance.

Additionally, Mickey's medical linen division, MedClean, will undergo a website refresh, mirroring the success of this project. Stay tuned for another exciting case study! Mickey's Linen is poised for growth and success in the coming years, and we're lucky to play even a small part in it.