Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce

Website Design Case Study

Indiana Chamber Executives Association Conference (ICEA) names website as "Best in the State"

Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce Website—What’s New?

At RED66 Marketing, we’re dedicated to making the hard parts of marketing feel more accessible. We’re able to do this in several ways and one of our favorites is through website design and development!

We recently completely redeveloped the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce website, AND it won the award for Best Chamber Website in Indiana!

Let’s Talk About It

The old TH Chamber website was developed on WordPress. Although it was heavily customized for the membership portion of the site, usability for members wasn’t ideal. Not only did this make the website difficult to maintain, but it led to a lack of utilization by members.

They also had their blog on a separate version of WordPress, which is clearly not ideal in keeping their content in one place and easy to find. The Chamber of Commerce is such an essential piece of Terre Haute’s economic ecosystem, it was time to address the website issues and create a more user-friendly and unique experience.

The Details

TH Chamber knew they wanted to use Chamber Master for their membership database and were seeking a way to create a great user experience in regard to displaying events, sharing news and promoting members.

In addition, they knew they wanted a WordPress site that they could deeply control without a lot of developer assistance. As lots of businesses and organizations find out too late, it’s not ideal to be married to a developer. (and breaking up can be hard to do).

Our Work

To start, we had to better organize the navigation and user experience, this project required an updated sitemap. This means we outlined every page of the website, in detail, from image placement, setup, and copy to functionality and calls to action.

In addition, we worked alongside the Chamber team to develop their new, engaging content, and made sure we had areas that appealed to all of TH Chamber’s target demographics including businesses, community residents, those looking to relocate and more.

This included layering in the Chamber Master pages with the WordPress website, ensuring that membership and event components were simple to navigate and inviting to use.

The Results Speak For Themselves

The result is a beautiful, welcoming, and engaging website that cultivates a very specific and positive correlation with the Chamber itself. At its core, the new Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce website is a tool committed to creating an easy, exciting experience for members and visitors alike.

They are able to share news, guest blog posts, events, member promotions and much more. We encourage you to check out the site here and let us know what you think! And as always, if you have questions or want us to take a look at your own website, feel free to contact us today!

The first full month after the new website launch, traffic was up more than 10%, and 20% the second month. More importantly, the time visitors are spending on the site and the number of pages they visit nearly doubled.

Which is exactly what we wanted; visitors to find more relevant information, and dig into the website more.

The Results:

Old Website

website design case study old terre haute chamber website

New Website

website design case study new terre haute chamber website

Update January 2020

The Terre Haute Chamber had their logo and identity redesigned. This was a great enhancement to their brand. However, the logo and colors needed to be better incorporated into the website.

We redesigned the website to fit the new branding, incorporating the new colors, imagery and logo still using a similar framework from the website we deployed in 2017.

This shows you how websites are never really done. And, in our approach, we were able to upgrade the design for a fraction of the cost of an entirely new website.


“Working with RED66 was an incredible process. As a membership-based organization, our success relies on ensuring our message and strategic priorities are communicated effectively. Rebecca listened to our needs and developed a website that made sense for us. The open, honest dialogue was refreshing and in the end, yielded a first-class product.”

Kristin Craig, Vice President