Shine® Window Cleaning

Google Ads Case Study

RED66 Team Awarded 2023 PRoof Award for Helping Client Achieve Over $1 Million in Sales Attributed to PPC, With an ROI of 653%


Shine® is a home services franchise business, with 40 franchisees and 50 (and counting) locations operating in 14 states across the country. Our team began working with CEO Chris Fisher, VP of Operations John Blair, and the rest of the Shine team back in March 2022.

With over two decades of experience, all Shine locations offer professional window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning services, holiday and Christmas light installations. Additionally, they recently added landscape lighting installation for their franchisees. 

While the company already had a great story, brand, and message, they needed help translating it into actionable results.

Based on their business model, a paid advertising campaign seemed like the most pressing action item to undertake. However, we first needed to tackle two objectives; creating new Google Ads accounts, and drafting unique, SEO-optimized landing pages for each location. 

The Challenge

The prior agency Shine worked with did not transfer any of the existing Google Ads accounts to our team. Therefore, we had to create brand new ad accounts and campaigns; for each location and all of their services.

When the website’s administrative permissions were transitioned to our team, we found that several locations' pages had duplicate content. This is a big SEO and UX no-no and caused high bounce rates, as well as penalization from Google.

The Approach and Solution

Draft Unique and Optimized Location-Specific Landing Pages 

Our first step was to update all of the location pages to be relevant landing pages for paid search.

These pages needed unique information based on each location's weather conditions, key industries, real estate concerns, and more. Additionally, we made sure that each landing page held important, easy-to-read information about the services being advertised.

We conducted extensive location and keyword research, identified negative keywords, and developed creative and fun ad copy for each location. 

Since each location is individually owned, we worked with every franchisee to establish their budget and services to advertise. Then, they had to approve their landing page copy. 

Based on our extensive research and legwork, we decided to use the following paid channels:

    • Google Search/Text Ads
    • Google Display Ad (1st Touch)

The Objectives and Budget

The basic objective for this campaign was to increase leads for all Shine services—by individual location and their specific budgets. 

The services advertised were changed regularly based on seasonality and location. For example; Austin, TX will advertise different services at different times of the year compared to Bloomfield Hills, MI, based on the climate and weather conditions. 

From April 2022 to Dec. 31st, 2022, the overall budget was decided at $149,115. However, the individual location budgets varied from $500 to $3,000 to reach that total.

Additionally, our regular marketing agreement with Shine includes website maintenance, organic optimization, and graphic design services.

The Results

$1,123,200 in Sales Generated from Online Advertising

With a paid advertising spend of $149,115, the ROI was enormous for Shine—with over $1 million generated in sales just from online advertising in less than a year. 

This was the highest ROI they’ve ever experienced with online advertising, and also experienced a company-high of 2,496 total PPC leads generated.

Across the franchise network, the average close rate was 75%, or 1,872 sales from PPC leads generated. While the average sale varies based on service, we used a $600 average based on service costs. 

Below, you can view the key metrics we used to evaluate the campaign's success:

  • 0%

ROI of 653%

  • 0%

Average Close Rate

Moving Forward

In June of 2023, our team was honored to receive the 2023 PRoof Award - Silver for Best SEM Campaign for Shine. 

While this is a huge achievement for us, it’s also one we’re grateful to share with the Shine team. Without their constant support, collaboration, and trust in us, this campaign wouldn’t have been nearly as successful as it was. 

We’re lucky to have them as a “client for life,” and look forward to many more years of creativity, success, and friendship with them!


“Not only does RED66 know their stuff, but they're super fun to work with! They've brought an energy and focus to our brand that ramped up our marketing efforts. They never stop digging and definitely have a "can do" attitude -- ultimate team players!"

John Blair, Vice President of Operations for Shine®