What’s in a Name.

The name RED66 Marketing came from the strong color red and our founder Rebecca Dutcher’s fiery red hair. We could have gone with ginger, but it isn’t the same. 66 comes from her first jersey number when, at 8 years old, she was the only girl in her pee-wee football league. Yep, breaking the barriers at a young age.

We’re passionate about great marketing and taking action to move your message and your business forward. We might push you to be a little uncomfortable, challenge you, and try new things, and you’ll find that is where the most learning, progress (and profit), can be made.

Originally founded in Terre Haute, Indiana, we are now based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and have team members located all over the country. It’s a fun story of relocation, networking, and home.

Luckily, we can work from anywhere at any time. We embrace remote work and serve clients across every U.S. time zone.

Our Vision:
Build Authentic Relationships for Life

We aim to build authentic relationships with our clients, team members, and community for life.

How do we do it? Our communication, our strategies, and how we deliver and report on our work are how we create clients for life. We help our clients solve problems and build their businesses through online marketing.

And at RED66, you’re never locked into a contract. If you’re unsatisfied with our services, you can cancel your agreement with us at any time with 30 days notice. If it’s a fixed price project, we can cancel and then bill only for work done to that point, and no further billing will take place.

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Our Values.

We work with business owners and leaders from companies across the country. To serve them well, it takes a commitment to understanding their position, educating them on why we do what we do, and of course, following through.

Our five core values reflect this:

  • Pleasantly Persistent

    We know that your day-to-day life is ever-changing and, oftentimes, slammed with responsibilities. However, we’ll always send you content drafts and design proofs for review before putting them out in the world. That’s why you can trust us to not only handle your marketing strategy and its implementation, but to follow up on these items to ensure consistent and accurate messaging.

  • We Build Supportive Relationships

    We value the relationships with our clients (and team members) more than most agencies. We keep in touch with our past employees, and many of our client relationships go back 5 years or more! You can trust us to do things well, get them done on time, have fun and support you in anyway we can.

  • Really Passionate About Marketing

    All-in-all, we’re passionate about marketing. We’ve seen what good marketing can do for businesses, especially post-COVID. But mostly, marketing boils down to these three things; evolving, growing, and adaptability. We developed these values from our agency’s start as a one-woman show in Indiana to now a 15+ people deep, fully integrated marketing agency.

  • Foster Thoughtful Communication

    When you partner with us, you can expect regular communication with a single point of contact. We manage everything for you to eliminate the stress of communicating with several different groups, organizations, or agencies. Additionally, we’ll send you monthly project reports that clearly state our marketing activities, their impact on your business, and why it matters.

  • TLC: Think Like A Customer

    High-quality customer experience has always been a top priority for businesses, but it’s even more critical now as consumer demands, safety protocols, and new ways to interact continue to shift. That’s why we stay on top of consumer trends and always try to answer your customer’s pain points with intentional, thoughtful marketing.

How We

RED66 runs on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which we like to call the "secret sauce" for our success. By running on EOS for over three years, we have grown by over 50%.

With EOS, we have defined processes, clarified roles on our accountability chart, and determined who is the right fit for the job. By clarifying key responsibilities and expertise for each seat, our employees have found their tools for success and, in turn, more successful work with clients.