Roscoe Company

Website Redesign Case Study

Enhancing the Website’s User Experience (UX) Results in a 416% Increase in Conversions in Just One Month


For over 100 years, Roscoe Company has served Chicagoland with high-quality uniform rental and facility services without compromising intelligent, attentive customer service. 

As a fourth generation, locally owned and operated service provider, Roscoe prides itself on its tenure of employees, implementation of cutting edge technology,  and involvement in their Chicago community (which makes sense, considering their company motto is to “take pride” alongside their lion logo). 

We first began working with Julia Buik and her father, CEO Jim Buik, in October 2021. One of their main concerns was that while Roscoe held strong brand recognition within their industry, it was lacking with prospective customers. 

The marketing firm they worked with previously did exactly what Roscoe asked them to do, but failed to provide any fresh insight or recommendations into what they needed to do—which was to give their website a facelift in terms of design, functionality, and updated content. 

The Challenge

Whenever we agree to work with a new client, we always evaluate the effectiveness of their website. In today’s digital age, a business’ website needs to serve as a hub of information for its target audience(s).

While Roscoe’s website was fairly well optimized for their target keywords, the lack of UX meant that users were leaving the website before converting into leads. The “vanity” website metrics (sessions, # of users, etc) were high, but the main KPIs (conversion rate, bounce rate, engagement rate, session duration, etc.) were lacking. 

The lack of UX was a result of:

  • a cluttered navigation menu
  • inconsistent branding and messaging
  • outdated assets and content pieces

As you can see, there were a lot of moving parts to accomplish this website refresh. Not only did we need to create (and implement) a regular content calendar, we also had to conduct further keyword and competitive research—all while presenting this information in a user-friendly way.

At RED66, we believe your website should serve as your 24/7 salesperson. That means that as a business, your website should have the who, what, where, how, and why of your company; laid out in a manner that converts qualified website visitors into leads. 

The Approach and Solution

Improve UX to Capitalize on Existing Website Traffic

We planned to refresh Roscoe’s website in a way that grabbed attention, improved user experience, increased traffic, and encouraged audience engagement. We did this by implementing the following:

  • A design that incorporated a fresh look of colors, images, and videos
  • Overhauled navigation menus and site structure to make it simpler to find information
  • An updated company blog presence that featured helpful, educational content answering a prospect’s top concerns
  • Further optimization of all website page and blog copy to target specific keywords

Draft Website Copy That Communicated Roscoe’s Differentiators and Brand Voice 

There is so much that sets Roscoe apart from its national competitors. For instance:

  • They hold and maintain numerous sustainability certifications that are coveted in the uniform and linen industry, such as ISO, Clean Green, and HAACP Compliance
  • They donated a generous amount to the new lion exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Leadership team members are on several boards and local business councils, and partake in many other community ventures

They are also quite a sophisticated operation with technology, tracking, environmentally friendly practices and more. However, much of this was not communicated on their website or in any of their content—and if it was, it was buried in an old blog post, or on the bottom of a random webpage.

We wanted the new website copy to communicate these important differentiators by laying them out in a logical way for users to navigate through; from the home page, to the about page, and so on.

The Results

  • 0%

Increase in Conversions

  • 0%

Pages Per Session Increase

Over 416% Increase in Conversions in Just One Month

When the new, refreshed website launched in late January 2023, we continued improving based on new data points we were seeing—because websites are never done.

However, the website saw a 416% increase in conversions compared from January to February. This meant that compared to 25 form submissions in January, the website received over 129 form submissions in February; which is already a shorter month to begin with.

Pages Per Session Increased by Over 15% (Also in Just One Month)

Pages/session is a website performance metric that measures the average number of pages on a website that users access per session. This KPI gives insight into how effective the website content is at keeping viewers on the site and engaged.

By seeing a 15% improvement in just a month’s time, we were able to make the early determination that Roscoe’s newly revamped website was doing what it was supposed to do—keep website visitors engaged and clicking through pages to learn more about Roscoe, and then convert into leads for the sales team to engage with.

Screenshot 2023-06-26 4.42.07 PM

Moving Forward

Everyone is talking about user experience, customer journeys and UX in marketing. This is a prime example of how much of an impact UX alone can make on a website. 

Throughout our entire website development process, we considered the prospect and customer journey, how they search, what matters to them when it comes to choosing their uniform provider, and then laid that out to speak to them.

We continue to optimize and improve the website—along with all other sales and marketing collateral—and build authentic relationships (because that's just what we do).