Sohn Linen Service

Web Design Case Study

Website Redesign and Content Updates Boost Lead Generation and Company Recognition


Sohn Linen Service, a Michigan-based linen rental company with a 90-year history, faced several challenges with their old website. The family-owned business, run by three generations of Sohns in Lansing, prides itself on exceptional customer service. 

Despite having a strong reputation in the community and long-standing relationships with their customers, their outdated website was failing to generate sales leads for them. It was also out-of-date in terms of content, and did not represent all that they offer (especially with continued expansion into Medical Linen Programs post-COVID). 

When they came to us in March for assistance, we saw lots of opportunities to update their website, to fully represent their services and their brand—since we believe a business’ website is their 24/7 salesperson.

The Challenge

As stated previously, Sohn’s website was outdated and plagued with technical issues. In fact, the old website kept crashing while we were building the new one! Before we started to outline any updated content or assets for the new site, we first had to focus on keeping it operational for the time being.

Although they held solid keyword rankings, there was room to expand their SEO to improve online lead generation; especially regarding local SEO for the Detroit area. 

They also needed a more efficient process for over-the-counter linen rentals for weddings, banquets, and open houses. Before the website redesign, all of these rentals took place over the phone. This made it largely inefficient for prospects to get the right information; or for the sales team to get back to their prospects in a timely manner. 

Lastly, they wanted to incorporate their impressive 90-year history throughout their website, which comprises many years of building and technology upgrades.

The Approach and Solution

To address these challenges, a comprehensive approach was adopted, using our proven website planning, design and development process.

SEO Optimization: The site's navigation was updated to include all services. Then, keywords were strategically incorporated into the website's structure and on-page elements. This enhanced its search engine visibility in Detroit (a high-growth area) and other key service areas. 

Service Area Expansion: New sub-pages were added to target specific service areas in key metropolitan areas, and therefore reinvigorating lead generation.

Direct Linen Rentals: A tailored landing page with a form was created to streamline and enhance the efficiency of direct linen rentals. This was done to improve the customer experience, and getting the right information to their internal sales team quickly.

Website Redesign: The website underwent a complete design overhaul to ensure a more user-friendly experience (UX), and to fully represent their Food Service & Healthcare Linen programs. 

90-Year Celebration: A special 90-year logo and social media icon were designed to commemorate the company's impressive history. Then, these were prominently featured on Sohn’s website and social media profiles.

Press Release: In addition to this website redesign, RED66 drafted and pitched a press release to highlight Sohn's 90th-anniversary celebration. 

The Results

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Website Visitors Attributed to Organic Search

Website Management: The client can now easily edit their website using Beaver Builder after receiving post-launch training. This way, they aren’t locked in to using a specific developer and have full control over their website. 

Efficient Linen Rentals: According to Sohn, these website improvements directly led to increased efficiency in direct linen rentals.

Increased Organic Website Traffic: In the three months following the website launch, Sohn's website attracted nearly 2,800 visitors, with 62% coming from organic search. This is huge, as organic traffic is a direct result of keyword-optimization and other SEO efforts. 

High Quality Lead Generation: The company generated a substantial number of qualified leads through their contact form, showcasing the new site's effectiveness. The previous site had not delivered quality or consistent leads for several years.

Industry Recognition: As a result of the pitched press release, Sohn Linen Service gained visibility in industry newsletters, such as the CSC Network's monthly newsletter and TRSA's weekly email newsletter. 

Moving Forward

Sohn Linen Service marked its 90th anniversary with a celebratory company open house in July, and their new website launch as well! 

The company plans to continue leveraging its revamped website to generate leads. With a strong marketing foundation in place, Sohn now has the opportunity to build upon its new and improved website and sustain its legacy for generations to come.