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Local SEO Case Study

A Strong SEO Foundation and Improved User Experience Results in 43.7% of Total Conversions Coming From Google Organic Search

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Of total conversions coming from organic search

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Increase in keyword ranking


Started in 2021, Lemon Fresh Bins was the answer to a problem in the Greater Austin, TX area. Several  HOAs require homeowners to keep their garbage cans in their garages. As you can imagine, this leads to many stinky garages, leaving residents fed-up (and grossed out).

While Lemon Fresh Bins isn’t the only garbage can cleaning service in the Austin area, their fun, brightly colored brand,  use of lemon-scented eco-friendly odor neutralizer, and owner Lee DeJonge’s experience as a franchisee sets them apart. RED66 Marketing president, Rebecca Dutcher, knew Lee from his time at Shine Window Cleaning—another one of our clients.

The Challenge

Improve UX and Organic Search Position

Despite the high volume of traffic to the website, visitors were slow to convert into leads. Additionally, the website wasn’t editable for the client—which left Lee unable to update any copy, change images, add specials, etc.

They needed a website refresh, and they needed it done—quickly. Their goals?

  • Get more quality traffic to their website through improved UX
  • Reach a higher conversion rate for leads

However, as mentioned, Lemon Fresh Bins isn’t the only service of its kind in the Greater Austin area. We had to differentiate the website design and messaging to ensure their competitive advantages were clear to prospects and customers.

The Approach and Solution

RED66’s approach was simple; we had to improve site design to add more conversion elements and calls to action. This would create a far better user experience (UX) for potential customers.

To start, we redesigned and developed the website on a visual WordPress website builder, called Beaver Builder. This tackled the first problem, which was to give the client the ability to edit the site and make any updates to pricing, sign-up forms, etc on their own, without a developer.

Next, we determined what visual elements would make their site stand out and educate customers on their distinct advantages. One of the true “wow!” factors of Lemon Fresh Bins is how their trucks effectively clean the garbage cans so quickly, while coming to a resident's house on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We produced a time lapse video and truck animation to implement into the site and use in further marketing applications.

Optimizing for Conversions

In addition to keyword research, we conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis. In doing this, we were able to find out what keywords their main competitors were targeting (and perhaps more importantly; what valuable keywords Lemon Fresh Bins weren’t targeting). Through this, we also saw an opportunity to increase Lemon Fresh Bins’ local search rankings.

Based on our keyword and competitor research, we identified two main key phrases to optimize and incorporate into the new website’s on-page SEO elements.

We also enhanced the FAQ and How It Works pages, while creating optimized, targeted landing pages for the specific geographic locations; the Austin suburbs of Cedar Park and Lakeway.

This differentiated Lemon Fresh Bins from competitors who had a similar website map, but lacked specific location pages.

The Results

More Bang for Your Buck: Higher Conversions Among Organic Search

Since the newly revamped website launched in early September 2022, Lemon Fresh Bins has experienced a considerably higher conversion rate, with 43.7+% of total conversions coming from Google organic search. 

local seo case study data

Unlike paid search, this is a “free” way to obtain localized, targeted leads that can turn into paying customers. Similarly, compared to the three months before the website re-launch, there was over a 15% jump in submitted requests for service from September 2022 to now.

local seo case study data 2

Improved Organic Search Position

Keyphrase: trash can cleaning lakeway, SERP ranking #1

local seo case study serp data


Keyphrase: trash can cleaning cedar park, SERP ranking #2

local seo case study serp data 2



On Sept. 6th, the impressions for the site were at 362 with an average keyword position of 40.1.


On Jan. 11th, 2023, 4 months after the launch of the refreshed Lemon Fresh Bins site, the impressions for the site were at 778 with an average keyword position of 25.9.


In just 4 months, Lemon Fresh Bins’ number of impressions more than doubled, and the average keyword position moved up approximately 15 spots—an increase of over 35% in keyword ranking.

Moving Forward

From a site with little to no SEO optimization to 100% optimization, Lemon Fresh Bins continues to be a force in the Austin residential garbage can cleaning market; a profitable and competitive industry in their area.

Their new website boasts an improved user experience, a strong SEO foundation, and a “Lemon Fresh” design. The result? An increase in targeted website traffic with visitors, converting to qualified leads.


“RED66 exceeded our expectations! The best part for us was that they were able to stick to the timeline and deliver a great website!”

Lee DeJonge, Owner and Founder of Lemon Fresh Bins