Social Media Marketing

Social media is not a marketing strategy. It is one tool in your marketing tool box.

Each social media channel has a slightly different audience, and different set of “rules” for engagement.

Together, we’ll identify your prospects and what channels they might be using to find information as it relates to their job, and what you have to offer. It could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat or others that are more industry specific.  It’s important to find where the biggest opportunity is, focus and develop that channel, learn form our conversations and transfer that to our approach in other channels.

Social Media Marketing Agency RED66 Marketing LLC

Prospects are not your only audience either. You can connect and inform, share and engage with customers, employees, vendors, donors, partners, board members and other stakeholders through different channels. We identify influencers who may share a lot of content relevant to your audiences. Connecting with them, and sharing useful content they want to share is another great way to expand your reach.

One important aspect of social media is to keep in mind that while this is online, you are still talking to real people and trying to make connections with them – rather than just blasting content to get it out somewhere. Have questions or need a little guidance with your social media efforts? Let’s talk soon.

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