Social Media Marketing

Social media is not a marketing strategy. It is one tool in your marketing tool box.

Each social media channel has a slightly different audience, and different set of “rules” for engagement.

Together, we’ll identify your prospects and what channels they might be using to find information as it relates to their job, and what you have to offer. It could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat or others that are more industry specific.  It’s important to find where the biggest opportunity is, focus and develop that channel, learn form our conversations and transfer that to our approach in other channels.

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Prospects are not your only audience either. You can connect and inform, share and engage with customers, employees, vendors, donors, partners, board members and other stakeholders through different channels. We identify influencers who may share a lot of content relevant to your audiences. Connecting with them, and sharing useful content they want to share is another great way to expand your reach.

One important aspect of social media is to keep in mind that while this is online, you are still talking to real people and trying to make connections with them – rather than just blasting content to get it out somewhere. Have questions or need a little guidance with your social media efforts? Let’s talk soon.

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Option 1. Optimized Wordpress Website

Your company may have a great marketing team in place and simply needs an updated website to pull all of your sales and marketing efforts together online. Our team will work with you to create a new website that has a solid SEO foundation. And, we'll be sure your team is able to maintain the site by providing a training session and user guide. You'll be guided through our website development process to ensure all aspects of your website represent your company, your brand and encourage prospects to convert.


  • WordPress Theme customized with your website brand, colors, and images
  • Page and URL structure with all main on-page SEO elements completed
  • Content writing for website
  • Create online lead form(s) (quote request and contact us)
  • Stock photos for website creation
  • Editing guide and training

Option 2. Marketing Strategy & Website Development

When you have a strong sales team and good marketing support, sometimes businesses just need some clarification, assistance with developing a marketing plan to support company growth and a website that represents it well for prospects, customers, and employees. This is a great option when you have a great team that needs some outside expertise in clarifying the marketing strategy, messaging and outlining the plan of action. In our experience, we've found that this strategy development, the tactical marketing calendar, and a strong website are all some clients need to set things in motion.


  • Creative campaign creation based on key differentiators (2 concepts to consider).

  • Messaging development

  • SWOT analysis

  • A marketing plan with 12-month tactical calendar
  •  Content calendar for SEO focused blogs and email topics

  •  Custom designed website based on selected creative campaign

  • All web development items from Option 1

Option 3. Marketing Management Package

Like many sales-driven B2B companies, uniform and linen rental companies have a strong sales team, while marketing support is limited at best. This option is ideal when your sales team needs assistance in generating wider awareness, providing them with qualified leads, and giving them a resource to develop and implement customer retention and new business campaigns. You'll have a dedicated account manager who will oversee your entire marketing strategy, implementation and management of ongoing marketing activities. You're provided constant updates and communication for ongoing marketing activities, along with monthly reports on impact and plans for what's next to keep your marketing game moving forward.


  • All items in Options 1 & 2, plus:
  • Create marketing content calendar for all audiences
  • Write 2 to 3 web articles for SEO/SEM lead generation
  • Manage social media, which may include Google My Business Page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In
  • Manage Google Pay-Per-Click and retargeting ads, if applicable
  • Provide graphic design support for any collateral or ads, direct mail, etc.
  • Create and send email marketing messages to prospects and customers


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