Mastering the Marketing Agency Job Hunt: 7 Proven Tips for Success

"New Year, New Me!" Or for you, is it "New Year, New Job”?

Throughout most of my career, I have been part of the hiring process at various types of businesses and organizations. In my role as the Operations Director at RED66, I feel that I've learned a lot about hiring the right people for the right seats for a marketing agency. I also feel the following tips can help anyone going through a job search right now in general!

Below, I outline 7 tips you need to not only know, but use, when applying for a position at a marketing agency.

How to Get a Job at a Marketing Agency

1. Get Your Resume Proofread

When crafting your resume, make sure you have others review it. It's always helpful to have another set of eyes on what you have created. Also, adjust your resume for the position you are applying for. Perhaps one position has an emphasis on writing blogs, and maybe another has more emphasis on building relationships.

Adjust accordingly to highlight your skills in these areas. Additionally, look into highlighting an accomplishment within that skill set. If you are new to the workforce or maybe changing careers, look into something called, “a skills-based resume." The focus is on your skills and what you bring to the table, not just your work history. 

2. Keep Your Options Open!

Few jobs are the “perfect” fit. There are new systems to learn, new skills to pick up, and a new team to settle in with. Know that when you are applying for a position, you may think that you do not have all the skills to apply. Honestly, very few people do!

A good agency is looking for the right person to fill a role with the skills they have, and many are ready and willing to train people on the job with what they need to thrive in that role.

3. Prepare for Your Interview (No, Seriously)

I can tell in an interview pretty quickly if A.) someone is interested in the job and B.) if they have done their research on RED66. First, if the interview is virtual, they find a clean space to interview with us. They dress accordingly and they are focused. Secondly, they come with great questions specific to the agency.

Always come with questions ready to go! Some of your questions may be answered during the interview, so it is great to have a few ready to show your interest. Things like:

  • “What does business development look like?”
  • “Can you tell me a bit about an average day in this role?”
  • “What is your plan for growth for the remainder of this year and/or next year?”
  • “Are there opportunities for advancement/training/collaboration?”

Through your research, you may even mention something like, “I saw this case study on your website, can you tell me more about what it was like working with that business and what led to success in their marketing?” 

These are just a few examples that show interest and engagement. They go far beyond basic questions about pay, benefits, and flexibility. And, to be honest, after hearing myself ask the same questions over and over, the candidates that stand out are the ones that ask good question questions of me and my fellow interviewers. 

4. Interview Yourself Before The Interview

If you are uncomfortable talking about yourself, interview yourself aloud. This may sound odd, but it helps get you comfortable with answering questions and hearing yourself answer them. Look online and find interview questions. Trust me, this will pay off when it comes time to be on camera or in an office.

There has never been an interview in which I have not personally done this myself. It helps every time. On the flip side, it is OK to take a moment to think about a question before answering. Be thoughtful if a question has been asked that you were not prepared for.

5. Remember to Follow Up

It is refreshing to receive an email of thanks after I have completed an interview. It is also an opportunity to state again that you are interested in the position. Maybe something came up during the interview that you feel you would rock at. This is the time to mention it if you were not able to do so. An example could be:

“Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with me. You mentioned how much blog support you need right now. This is something I enjoy and feel have a great deal to offer support in! Attached you will find a few examples of my writing.”

Not only does this demonstrate your interest but it gives us, as interviewers, more examples of your work and why you could be a good fit for the role we are hiring for. 

At RED66, we do our best to give a timeline of when we plan to be done with the interview process and when our decision will be made. Sometimes, things come up that deviate us from that timeline. If you do not hear back, it’s ok to follow up and express your interest again. A good agency/interviewer will be honest about where they are at in the process. 

6. Don't Get Discouraged If You Don't Get the Marketing Agency Job

Know that this is a process for both the agency and the candidates. Oftentimes, we are interviewing A LOT of candidates. For us, we look at the role we are hiring for and the skills that a person can bring to it. In the end, we have to make tough decisions on who we feel will be the best fit for our needs and growth.

If you were not hired, it's good to follow up and again, express a "thank you" for the opportunity. It is also fully acceptable to ask about skills you could brush up on or learn to be more successful in the future. A good agency will offer feedback that can be invaluable to your growth in your career. 

7. Use AI Sparingly (If At All)

This has become especially important in getting a job at a marketing agency. AI is becoming a tool that many use to help express themselves. We know it; we use it often, too.

However, when it comes to communicating with an interviewer, particularly in the field of marketing and communications, we need to hear your voice. If you still feel like you need to use AI to craft your message, please write in your voice first, pass it through AI (I really like Goblin Tools for crafting language), and then adjust it to ensure that it still sounds like you.

Then, please have someone review it for you to ensure that there are no typos, is clear, and does not sound robotic.

Getting a Job at a Marketing Agency Is Possible

I truly hope some of this helps in the job hunting/interviewing process. Remember, this is a process for everyone, and with good preparation you can hopefully land the interview and/or job of your dreams! 

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