To Our Clients: Here’s What We’re Bringing Into 2024 for YOU!

As we begin a new year, the team at RED66 Marketing wanted to provide an update on the investments we've made and the talent we've added in 2023. Our goal is always to continuously enhance our services and provide even more value to help you achieve your business objectives in 2024 and beyond.

When I started RED66 7 years ago, it was just me, a couple of loyal clients (many still working with us today), and a few talented contractors. Fast forward to January 2024; RED66 is now a team of 20 talented professionals invested in what we do, and more importantly, who we do it foryou, our clients

To ensure that we're bringing the best talent, perspectives, and quality to every project, we've built an extensive network of partner agencies and professionals.

We’re not a little agency anymore; we’re over $1.5 million in revenue. Additionally, we grew by 50% in 2023, and we’re up over 240% from 2020.

Meet Our Team of 20 Professionals

We’ve added talent and experience to bring only the best to our clients. Our leadership team constantly evaluates our structure and our accountability chart to make sure we have the RIGHT people in the RIGHT seats to best serve our clients.  

Last year, we added several marketing and creative experts to our team, including a Creative Director, Director of Client Strategy, SEO Specialist, Paid Media Specialist, Copywriter, Designer, and Account Manager. These talented individuals bring fresh ideas and expanded capabilities to serve you better.

  • Full-time Creative Director with 20+ years of experience in brand development and creative campaigns.
  • Full-time Graphic Designer to build out our design capabilities and caliber of design work.
  • Director of Client Strategy with 20+ years of experience to lead all client strategy sessions and continue to develop our account management team. She’s also a Forbes-certified writer. 

We’re continuing to enhance our structure, experience, and talent to best serve you. You can learn more about our entire team here.

Ongoing Learning = Investing In Our Team

Our team is dedicated to continuously expanding our skills and expertise to better serve our clients. Over the past year, our team members have:

  • Earned certifications in SEO, Google Ads, HTML/CSS, and more from leading industry providers like HubSpot, Google, and SEMrush.
  • Read books and articles and listened to podcasts on social media strategy, content marketing, and other relevant topics.
  • Attended insightful events, like the local SEO summit in Chicago organized by SOCi.
  • Joined professional organizations, such as AMA West Michigan and the Digital Marketing Association of Detroit, to regularly participate in training sessions with industry leaders.
  • Held monthly internal training workshops to learn from each other and share knowledge across disciplines.

Invested in Tools to Benefit You

We invested in new social media management technology, SEO tools, and web analytics to elevate our digital marketing offerings. Our experts can now provide strategy, execution, and reporting across social, search, email, and websites.

  • Increased investment in premium SEO tools like SEMrush to conduct comprehensive website audits, track keywords, and provide data-driven recommendations.
  • Expanded social media management software to optimize posting timing and analyze engagement.
  • Hired a talented developer to build custom reporting dashboards and integrate data APIs for clear insights.
  • Incorporated AI tools like ChatGPT to improve efficiency and creativity. Our AI team tests capabilities and trains staff on ideal uses.

Let’s Talk About AI and How We’re Using It

YES, we’ve incorporated AI tools such as ChatGPT and to improve efficiency and creativity. Our internal AI team creates prompts, tests capabilities, and trains everyone on ideal uses to avoid “cookie cutter” content. 

We’ve tested several AI tools and have paid subscriptions to Chat GPT. We continue to investigate new AI tools being added to website builders to support faster and more optimized website development processes. We constantly see AI's impact on search engine marketing, website development, content creation, and data analysis.

Lastly, we will continue to invest in AI adoption to create better marketing for you and to uncover insights that impact your business and our work on your behalf.

Bring On 2024; We’re Ready!

The RED66 leadership team held our annual planning session with our EOS Implementer over two full days in early December. Having worked with our EOS coach for 4 years, she ensures that we continue to focus on what makes RED66 Marketing the best for our clients and our team.

This year will focus on optimizing processes and enhancing client lead generation across the entire customer journey. We’ve changed our approach from content calendars to marketing strategies aligned with your business goals. This means looking at the full pictureorganic and paid search, brand awareness, lead nurturing, email marketing, sales collateral, design, and measurement to drive results.

As a self-proclaimed marketing nerd, this time for marketers is so exciting. I’m confident you’ll see the changes and evolution of our work as our team brings a comprehensive strategic focus to you in 2024. We're ready to help you succeed and grow through intentional, results-driven marketing

As always, please reach out with any questions! We appreciate your partnership.


Cheers to 2024!

Rebecca Dutcher

President & Founder 

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