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How to Create 3 Great Pieces of Marketing Content in 15 Minutes

A strong marketing program can be the difference between success and failure—we’ve seen it. Marketing content provides awareness, lead generation, retention, and the building of strong client or customer relationships; all things you and your business need to sustain. However, it also gives you endless opportunities to connect with your audience, reach out to prospective…

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The Shift in Digital Media During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we do everything—from the way we go to work, to the way we grocery shop or go out to eat. As the world adjusts into the new “normal,” it’s obvious that many things aren’t like they used to be; like post-COVID marketing trends. One of the biggest changes…

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Local Marketing Agency Achieves National Supplier Status with CSC Network

Local marketing agency, RED66 Marketing, is a national supplier with the CSC Network. RED66 Marketing works with a variety of clients across the United States, but has caught the eye of this specific industry. The CSC Network is a resource for independently owned and operated, linen or industrial laundry companies to grow their business by…

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WordPress Plugins We Love

When it comes to websites, WordPress is our best friend. We do tons of web development here at RED66 Marketing, and we love WordPress. It’s so much more flexible than a single-page landing site and is endlessly customizable with e-commerce and payment gateways. Additionally, it easily integrates with client databases and allows completely custom portals. All that to…

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The Future is Email

How can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy? When you think of marketing, what comes to mind? Signage? Direct mail? Social media? While these are all relevant ways to market your business, whatever it may be, today we’d like to discuss one of the most tried and true platforms, especially in this day and…

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Content Calendars 101

How does a content calendar increase marketing efficiency? What if I told you there was a way to ensure all of your content is prepared, organized, and planned effectively? You’d probably say “Yeah, I know about that”, or you might say “Huh?”, but either way, we’re here to help. The secret? The content calendar. What…

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Making the Most of LinkedIn

Looking for 5 tips for generating business leads on LinkedIn? Many still think of LinkedIn as a place for your online resume. However, it’s also a social media platform created for networking, business development, and of course recruiting or finding your next position. Most people don’t treat it differently than other networks. We’re here to…

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Top Reasons New Website Projects Go Bad

Here at RED66 Marketing, we have the opportunity to work on many website projects throughout the year. There are few things we love more than taking a client’s story, products and information and turning it all into a (website) hub for their business. Top Website Design Mistakes That said, we’ve definitely heard some horror stories…

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