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How Do You Handle Negative Comments on Social Media?

As a business, it’s imperative to learn how to deal with negative comments on social media. One of the unavoidable parts of a social media presence is the openness to comments, both good and bad. Occasionally, or more often than you wish, your business might encounter some sort of negative comment on its social media…

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Top 3 Things to Do Before You Even Design a New Website

Before you get ahead of yourself, you need to follow a checklist before launching a website. New websites are exciting – thinking of all the opportunities that lie ahead for interactivity, groundbreaking design, user experience improvements, increases in leads or sales and so much more. All that excitement gets you going and talking with the…

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Build Your Marketing Muscle All Year Long

Looking to learn how to create a yearly marketing plan? Sometimes, business owners get focused on marketing over the holidays and are refreshed heading into the new year. This article provides some insights to help you take a step back and think about the whole year ahead. No, this is not another post about creating…

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Is LinkedIn Advertising Worth It?

Have you received a LinkedIn Advertising Credit recently? Want to use it, but aren’t sure how? There are a few different types of advertising options on LinkedIn. Here’s the scoop: there are text ad options (think Google Adwords in LinkedIn), Sponsored Content (kind of like Facebook Ads), and Display Ads (which start around $10,000 so…

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