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How to Improve Confidence in the Workplace

Why is confidence important in the workplace? Let’s be honest; at one time or another, we haven’t been too confident (or kind!) to ourselves, especially in the workplace. Self-confidence is a muscle that we often and easily forget to exercise and strengthen; however, we can tell pretty fast when it’s weak or non-existent.  Here are…

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How to Use Search Engine Marketing Trends To Optimize Your Marketing

Is SEO worth it for a small business? Well, let’s answer that. It should go without saying that search engine marketing trends changed dramatically during the pandemic. For one, search traffic exploded across the internet. SEMRush combed through the data to understand the latest search trends and discover where web traffic is heading in the…

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How to Write an Engaging Job Description for Recruitment Marketing

Want to learn how to write a job description? Crafting an engaging, compelling job description is essential in drawing in the most qualified candidates for your open position. With more than 40% of jobs posted online, your job descriptions need to be consistent while also standing out from the rest.  So, what should an engaging,…

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Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Efforts Now

When everyone is hiring, how do you stand out to fill your open positions? Everyone is raising their entry-level wage, and offering more perks or benefits to recruit employees. In a time when there is extremely low unemployment and there are 2 jobs available for every job seeker, it seems like the choice of where…

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What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Be On?

Trying to figure out social media ideas for a small business can be challenging. As a business owner, it can also be tedious trying to figure out what social media platform you should be active on—you don’t want to waste time on a platform that isn’t valuable for your company. Additionally, you need to ensure…

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Google Data Studio: The Last Report You’ll Ever Make

At RED66, one of the things we all have in common is the fact that we’re all marketing nerds.  Digital marketing can be a tricky thing to comprehend, which is why we love to dive into data and see how much work we actually do—what’s successful, what isn’t, and what to do next.  Not only…

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How to Nurture Relationships Through Email Marketing

With over 4 billion daily email users, focusing on email marketing for customer acquisition can create a large return on investment for your business.  Successful email campaigns are a great way to nurture relationships with both your customers and prospects. However, there are a few important lessons to learn before diving into your email marketing…

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How to Stay Connected in a Remote Work World

Knowing how to build a company culture remotely is tough. It’s been more than two years since that fateful day in March where the United States and the rest of the world shut down due to COVID-19. Since then, the way our world runs has changed drastically, especially when it comes to remote work. By…

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