Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Join a Chamber of Commerce

Why join a chamber of commerce? You’ve probably heard of your local chamber or chamber-sponsored events and thought, “is becoming a chamber member really worth it?” Or maybe, “I don’t have time to become a member… I’m busy enough already!”

However, joining your local chamber (or several!) can be very beneficial for your business. In fact, you can be as involved as you want to be! Let’s break down the five main benefits of joining your local chamber.

1. Networking

One of the biggest advantages of joining a chamber is the access to meeting similar-minded business professionals. 

Need a general contractor? Looking to switch insurance? Say you’re thinking of planning a team-building event, but you need to find something fun to do… you could potentially find all those answers when you attend networking events hosted by the chamber of commerce. 

Not only do networking events put you in touch with people who could potentially help you; but you can also advertise your business’ services, especially if you are a B2B service provider. Here at RED66, we’re members of the Wayland Chamber of Commerce and Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce; both communities we’re proud to serve in!

What better way to generate leads than a personal relationship, where you can put your best foot forward and answer any questions on the spot!

2. Credibility

According to a recent study, consumers are 63% more likely to utilize products and services from businesses that are members of their local chamber. 

As a chamber member, you can utilize the chamber’s logo on social media, websites, advertising, and storefronts. Organization memberships add to your business’ credibility and professional reputation since it conveys trust, professionalism, and leadership in your industry.

3. Community Involvement

As a chamber member, you’ll receive the inside scoop of all of the happenings in your community. You’ll be in-the-know about new businesses, local events, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, sales and markets, and more. These are all opportunities for your business to attend or support in some way. 

Making appearances at these events or finding ways to become involved shows displays a sense of community and trustworthiness among locals and peers. Truly, there’s nothing more attractive than a business who cares about their community. Furthermore, it’s what’s going to set your business apart from its competitors.

4. Sponsorship Opportunities

From little league teams to professional awards ceremonies; as a chamber member, your business has the opportunity to become a sponsor. This is done in effort to increase your brand exposure. Sponsorship involvement can range from sign displays and fundraising, to gift bags and business merchandise at events. 

Again, the beauty of being in-the-know, is having more opportunities that you didn’t know you had before!

5. Opportunities for Education & Training

Finally, a valuable benefit of chamber membership is the opportunity to attend training workshops and seminars to better yourself and your business. Typically, chambers send regular, informative emails with registration opportunities for luncheons, panel discussions, and more at discounted rates.

Opportunities like this can help you further your career and business in ways you never thought possible. 

What Are You Waiting For? Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce Today!

Like we said earlier, being a part of a chamber can be as involved as you want it to be! But the benefits of being a part of a chamber is completely worth it. From your increased credibility and opportunities to your brand exposure and networking— you won’t regret becoming members of a chamber (or two). 

Need help creating a marketing strategy? Recently joined a chamber, but want to leverage it the best way possible? Contact us today!

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