8 Ways Blogging Impacts Lead Generation and Website Traffic

Nearly every business today is utilizing their website to help generate sales leads and impact their bottom line - but not all are doing it effectively.

Sure, you’ve heard about blogging, but do you know how blogging can help you increase relevant website traffic? Let us count the ways (we’ll keep it to 8)! Blogging isn’t something that you just do to be cool or pass on to an intern to write.

Blogging for business is an incredibly effective lead generation tactic, that should have a professional place in your overall sales and marketing strategy.

How Can Blogging Help with Sales for Your Business?

1. Answers Questions

If you ask your sales and customer service staff, odds are they get the same questions or objections over and over again. This is a huge opportunity to create blog articles that answer these questions and address top concerns or complaints. You can bet that prospects doing online research first will have the same questions – and they go to their good friend Google to look for answers.

They could find your website and appreciate how much you answer them. Then, BOOM – they reach out to you. Blogging = immediate online lead generation tactic.

2. Establishes Expertise

81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. Your blog posts and articles will help demonstrate experience in your industry with your products while building trust with potential customers. Win-win-win.

3. Keeps Your Site Current

Whether you call it a blog, case studies, whitepapers, news, or informational articles, adding content to your website regularly shows that you are active online. Relevant and new content added to your site gives visitors and customers new information and a reason to return. 

More importantly, fresh content encourages the search engines to come back and reindex your site, ultimately helping increase website visitors. New content is fundamental to search engine optimization (SEO).

4. Provides Proof to Prospects

When your prospects have questions and your sales team can reference an in-house website article, it shows that your team knows their stuff. They can also share links after a sales call to continue to instill confidence in that potential customer.

5. Provide Social Media Content

If you’re blogging, you are also likely to be using social media to expand your digital footprint. You wouldn’t share an entire blog post on a LinkedIn page or Facebook post. Still, sharing the link in your social channels allows you to repurpose content.

Each blog post can become 2-3 Facebook posts, 4-5 Tweets, a discussion in LinkedIn, a Pin on Pinterest, and so much more. And, you can always go back and share it weeks or months later.

6. PR & Media Relations

There is a lot of talk about influencers today. An influencer is a person who has a large following and can influence people’s thoughts. A good blog about your industry, an issue, or even a case study shares your expertise that will resonate with these influencers. It’s a form of Social PR.

Identify journalists who cover these topics and people who blog about similar topics and reach out with your evergreen content. When they comment on your blog or share your social media links, they share your information with their audiences. Then you can high-five each other when that key journalist shares your post or offers a Retweet! Woo!

7. Did We Mention Building Your Digital Footprint?

This is how blogging can help with sales. Consistently adding new content to your website gives you more to share via social, via email, and for others in the social media sphere to engage with you.

This gives you a larger reach and more impressions (eyeballs) on your content – which is your digital footprint. You’re out there – answering questions, providing value, building expertise, and ultimately, generating leads!

8. Everyone's Doing It

Okay, not everyone, but they should be. Your business can use blogging to stand out and be a market leader. Competitors may be blogging or more active in social media. You can be sure that there are conversations taking place online about your industry, your type of products, your services, etc.

Blogging and online lead generation tactics have helped level the playing field because it isn’t just about throwing more money at it; it’s about strategic thinking, understanding your audiences, and creating relevant content that attracts them to you.

Increasing website traffic and online lead generation is all about sales and the bottom line. All too often, business leaders start out with great intentions with their website and then let it slide. Don’t let this happen to you.




Think of Your Blogs as One of Your Most Important Lead Generation Strategies

So, how can blogging help with sales? Dedicate resources to it, commit to at least two articles a month. You will see the momentum build with increased traffic, online leads, and even sales calls. Additionally, more prospects will recognize your name when you call on them.

If you struggle with blogging, what to write about, or even have the staff oversee it, we are happy to talk with you and see how we can help. We create blog articles and content for many clients across an array of industries. We’d love to share their success stories with you!

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