A strong marketing program can be the difference between success and failure—we’ve seen it. Marketing content provides awareness, lead generation, retention, and the building of strong client or customer relationships; all things you and your business need to sustain. But it also gives you endless opportunities to connect with your audience, reach out to prospective clients and customers, and create things that really matter to you.

RED66 knows that your website is your hub for sales and marketing, and it’s a major part of our commitment to our clients to make sure they understand the importance of a functional website, and to even create one for them should they need it. So, while we encourage you to begin there, there are three surefire ways we love to use to create content that will help you grow your presence and build stronger relationships with clients and customers.

Generate three pieces of marketing content in 15 minutes

  1. Ask yourself what three things you wish every prospective client or customer knew about your company’s processes or services. Create infographic social media posts that address these processes, write a short blog, or send out an email campaign that will help create a detailed picture of what clients can expect from you and your team.
  2. What questions do you frequently answer from prospects or clients? FAQs make for great blog topics! Build a content calendar based around these frequently asked questions and use the topics to create evergreen digital content that can live on your site and help prospects make a decision about using your services before they ever commit to a call.
  3. Pinpoint parts of your company’s story that make you different or that prospects love to hear. Do you have a long tradition or years of experience? Is your mission special to you and your team? Create digital content that highlights how your business came to be and what problem you’re trying to solve. In our experience, humanizing your business and your employees only strengthens clients’ desires to work with you.

It’s important to remember that marketing never really stops. It can always be improved, updated, and reused, and always with the intentions of creating a foundation on which you can feel comfortable standing on. Whatever your goal with your marketing program is, the team at RED66 is here to assist you however we can. If you have questions about how to get started in building marketing content, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!