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At RED66 Marketing, a large majority of our clients are top locally owned uniform providers. While we've worked with clients from a variety of industries since our inception, there is one common factor; they are locally operated and family-owned in their respective areas, which we take pride in.

Our uniform and linen rental clients service industries such as manufacturing, automotive business, pharmaceutical, food processing and manufacturing, medical facilities, casinos, and many more. These businesses have been around for a long, long time; some going back as far as 1893 (Yep, the 1800’s).

This is a fun niche where we get to work with some amazing business owners, leaders and executives across the country. These companies are active in their industry, but also in their communities - making a difference, providing exceptional service and are great people!

We wanted to take a minute to introduce you to a few of these companies below. Feel free to check out our work to see some of the things we’ve done for them.

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Gallagher Uniform

top locally owned uniform provider Gallagher uniform

Gallagher Uniform has been servicing most of Michigan (from Muskegon, Grand Rapids and Battle Creek to Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit) and northern Indiana for over a century, getting their start in 1893!

John C. Gallagher started the business to clean shop towels. Now, they're the leading independent, family-owned uniform and laundry service provider in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana,. However, we think they’re the best uniform rental provider in Michigan, period!

With a dedication to their community and environmental sustainability, Gallagher consistently proves that they care beyond uniforms and facility services. We also have huge respect for their investments in their associates, their culture and continuous improvement. Go Green!

Fun fact: Gallagher Uniform has been our client since the start of RED66 and has worked with our founder since 2013. 

Ace ImageWear

Ace ImageWear logo

Ace ImageWear has been proudly serving Kansas City, MO; Houston and Beaumont, TX for nearly a century. Ed “Ace” Heilman, their founder,  took up boxing during the Great Depression to make ends meet when he got laid off. Along with his wife, Clara, they opened Ace ImageWear in 1932. The company is owned by 3rd generation family members, cousins Ed and Tom Heilman.

With their motto, “always do business on a first-name basis,” they know how to treat their customers like they are a part of the family. Like their grandfather “Ace,” Ace ImageWear knows how to put up a fight when the going gets tough!

Recently, we optimized Ace's Google My Business (GMB) profile and rolled out a local review campaign for them. This resulted in a 63% increase in GMB reviews, aka 204 GMB reviews along with a five-star rating.

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City Uniforms & Linen

City Uniform Logo

For over 75 years, City Uniforms & Linen has been providing uniform rental programs to most of Ohio. They have received awards from the US Chamber of Commerce, and Ernst & Young, which shows their dedication to the businesses they deliver to. They’re also a lot of fun to work with - just check out the music video they did on their website.

In 2021, City Uniforms and Linen acquired Midwest Linens in Pontiac, Michigan. This allowed them to expand their business into the Detroit area. 

We've helped them redesign, develop and optimize their website for search.

General Linen + Uniform Service

General Linen logo

General Linen Service proudly serves the New England area and has done so since 1938. They’re a 3rd generation business who dug deep since the fall of 2020 to make significant investments for their marketing, their operations, their facilities and their leadership team in.

We’ve loved working with them to refresh their brand, update their messaging, wrap their trucks and help show businesses across New England why they should work with General Linen.

They also invested in a medical linen division, GenMed, in October 2021. One thing we really admire about General Linen is their community involvement with Sober Sisters Recovery.

Some of their current employees are members of Sober Sisters Recovery, and a member of the leadership serves on the board! 

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Kleen Kraft Services

Kleen Kraft Services logo

Celebrating their 70th anniversary this year, Kleen Kraft Services proudly serves the Southern California region. Recently, a competing locally-owned uniform provider was acquired by a national provider, making Kleen Kraft Services one of the only locally-owned uniform providers left in Southern California!

Kleen Kraft Services is managed by 3rd and 4th generations of the founding family. They are also big supporters of their communities, including The Red Cross of LA, Salvation Army, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Northern Uniform 

Northern Uniform logo top locally owned uniform providers

For nearly a century, Northern Uniforms has been serving the Ontario, Canada province (Yes, we have a client outside of the United States!).

While we do enjoy their northern accents, this is a company that works with a diverse set of businesses - from heavy duty mining uniforms to ISO certified food processing garments.

By “keeping promises since 1901,” being fair, telling the unvarnished truth, respecting everyone, and doing the right thing, it's no wonder why Ontario businesses GO Northern for their uniform and facility service needs!

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Plymate logo

Plymate was founded in 1930 and is based on their grandfather’s namesake. Their grandfather used to say, “That’s our family name. Take good care of it." Now, they too are a fourth-generation company, based in Shelbyville, Indiana and serve most of the state.

They have been recipients of awards such as the American Business Ethics Award, Blue Chip Community Business Award, Better Business Bureau Ethics Award, and BKD Business Excellence Award.

This goes to show that their “customer first” actions set them apart from the any national uniform provider and have made them well-deserving of the awards. 

Roscoe Company

Roscoe logo top locally owned uniform providers

Roscoe has been serving the Chicago area for a century, and have been delivering the highest quality work uniforms and floor mats to the area. They are celebrating their 100th year in business.

They've received a variety of awards including the Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award and many certifications that make them one of, if not the best, uniform rental company in Chicago.

Roscoe recently came on board with us at RED66 late in 2021, and we are happy to have them! Look for some cool new things coming soon.

Aditionally, be sure to check out all that they’ve done for the new lion exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Talk about connecting their brand, their mantra of Take Pride and impacting their community.

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Spin Linen

Spin Linen logo

Spin Linen has been serving the Omaha, Nebraska Metropolitan, and surrounding areas since 1932. They have become stewards of the food and beverage industry by being members of the Omaha, Nebraska, and Iowa Restaurant Association, and providing some of the best and most reliable linen management programs in their market. 

In addition to all they do in the restaurant/ food and beverage industry, they serve the hospitality and healthcare industries. They have a industry leading HLAC Certification for their medical linen programs, ensuring the bedding, gowns, towels, scrubs and lab coats they deliver meet the highest standards for processing healthcare textiles. 

We think that’s a pretty big deal and love that they’re taking us for a Spin in their marketing efforts. 

WW Uniform Service

WW Uniforms logo top locally owned uniform providers

WW Uniform Service has been family-owned and operated for nearly a century, with their main operations taking place in Wallingford, CT. They also service Massachusetts, Rhode Island, the five boroughs of New Year including The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, as well as Southern New York state.

Can you imagine delivering uniforms every day to businesses throughout New York and Connecticut? We can’t, but we know that the team at WW Uniform Service do it with ease and expertise you won’t get from anyone else in their area.In addition to their uniform and facility services, there is also WW Dry Cleaning located in Wallingford, CT. Both parts of the business are run by family, even a Mother and Son team. 

We’ve worked with WW to separate their dry cleaning and uniform rental company websites, supporting stronger SEO/SEM.

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