Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Efforts Now

When everyone is hiring, how do you stand out to fill your open positions?

Everyone is raising their entry-level wage, and offering more perks or benefits to recruit employees. In a time when there is extremely low unemployment and there are 2 jobs available for every job seeker, it seems like the choice of where to work is up to that potential employee. 

This is of course, a bit daunting, if you’re working at a growing business that needs talented, quality people to support the future. Below, we outlined four easy recruitment marketing ideas you can use today.

1. Showcase Your Company Culture

Most people want to work for a company that cares about them, where they can make a contribution through their work while making a good wage. 

It’s not about sharing some canned corporate mission or vision statement–you’ve got to really demonstrate why people would want to work there.

You can do this by using the following in your website, social media and email efforts:

  • Incorporate employee testimonials–ask what they like about working there and share with others.
  • Highlight your core values AND how they’re demonstrated in the workplace.
  • Outline how your company gives back to employees and to your community.

2. Be Real About The Work

Honesty and transparency are talked about all the time in marketing. However, authentic conversations about hiring and recruitment still aren’t as common as they should be (in this marketer’s opinion, anyway).

At RED66, we work hard around here. However, we’re committed to helping every employee reach their best inside and outside of the workplace. Hard work is consistently rewarded–we give breaks, bonuses, additional days off, and opportunities to move up whenever we can.

Have you ever seen a job description that included something like:

“...We know it’s hard work, you’ll get dirty, it can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. We’re all in this together, working hard, seeing things get done, and making things happen for our customers at the end of the day is what it’s about. All this hard work is being done and we give breaks to gather around the water stations in the summer or the break room in the winter. No matter what, we’re in it together.”

A job description like this is honest, transparent, and authentic. Not only does this reflect greatly on your business, but it helps you garner the right applications from the right candidates. 

3. Review the Job Description

Do you have a tired, boring job description? One of the easiest recruitment marketing ideas is to review and update your job descriptions.

Writing an attention-grabbing and thorough job description is one of the most important parts of starting the hiring process. Here’s a before and after example of an introduction to a job description that we revamped for a client.


We’re looking for for an aggressive driver to add to our team. This person is responsible for the pick and delivery of our products and dealing with customers at each stop.


We’re looking for people who like to drive, work independently and support relationships with existing customers. Yes, you’ll work hard to pick up and deliver products to a set customer base. But, you’ll also get to interact and know these customers, learn more about their needs and be the connection they have to our company.

The results? A much higher application rate, with better candidates to choose from. And this was just the introduction.

4. Show Real People, Your People, In Your Content

You’ve seen the “We’re Hiring” signs in posts on social media; the stock photos of the people holding help wanted signs, or maybe just a nice, smiling face of a person to go with that job description.

Showing photos of your actual team goes a long way. It means that you care to showcase the people who do the heavy lifting of your business operations. It also gives prospective employees a look inside your company, beyond the mission statement and canned words.

You can do this by repurposing a lot of your existing content, such as blogs, into valuable short clips, infographics, and on-page elements for your Careers page. 

Having Trouble Recruiting or Hiring Employees?

Recruitment marketing is a whole other system of the marketing machine. It takes creativity, networking and most importantly, authenticity. 

In today’s job market, developing a robust candidate pool is no longer an extra nicety. Your talent acquisition and HR team members have to do more than reach out to candidates or rely on job postings on Indeed to attract applicants.

Our job is to help make their jobs (and ultimately, yours) a little bit easier through recruitment marketing strategies. With our small but mighty (and growing!) team, we offer constant, thoughtful communication, and both the big-picture and nitty gritty detail strategies.

Need to put your recruitment marketing ideas into action? Download our "Strategies for Successful Recruitment Marketing" eBook now to stand out among other companies today!

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