Top 3 Questions to Ask During Your Marketing Meetings

We’ve all had that thought before; “this meeting could have been an email.” 

So, why aren't your marketing meetings just done through email? While we fully understand how valuable your time is as a business owner, we believe there is great value in meeting regularly. Even if it's virtual, it’s important to meet at least once a quarter, if not more, to review your business goals, marketing metrics, and strategies. 

Regular meetings with your marketing agency provide you with a valuable opportunity to better align your marketing efforts with your sales and business goals. The key to making these meetings as efficient and impactful as possible starts with asking the right questions. 

Asking the right questions and having thoughtful conversations will help both your executive team and your marketing agency further understand how marketing efforts fit into overall company goals, budgets, and operations. 

Below, we discuss three questions your marketing agency should answer during these meetings to get the most bang for your buck. 

Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Marketing Agency

1. Where Is Our Website Traffic Coming From?

When we meet with our clients, we dig into their website traffic acquisition reports together. This allows both us and them to understand how users are finding their website. 

This knowledge is valuable to you for many reasons. Most importantly, it can be used to create more targeted campaigns and reach more qualified leads. 

If we know how visitors are already finding your website (via organic search, backlinks, social media, etc.), we can focus on bringing more qualified leads to your website and ultimately, convert them.

It can also help us identify where (broadly), geographically and in the digital universe, website visitors are coming from. This is valuable information that can (and should) be shared with your sales teams. 

Lastly, traffic acquisition data also identifies where your website visitors are in the buyer’s journey. Are they coming to the site ready to convert, or do they need more information? 

This data is extremely helpful in letting us know how we can best guide them to submit a form, or make a purchase on your website. 

2. At What Point Are Users Leaving The Website?

Another important question to answer during your marketing meetings is where and when are users leaving the website.

Website users often leave websites for various reasons, such as:

  • They couldn’t find what they were looking for
  • The website design was distracting 
  • The copy was hard to read due to poor formatting, grammatical, and spelling errors

These reasons describe what’s known as poor user experience (UX). Reviewing your website data can help identify points of weakness in the user experience, as well as opportunities for improvement. 

Some tell-tale signs of poor UX can be reflected in the various sections of your Google Analytics report. Bounce rates, exit percentage (%) compared to entrances, and average time on page, are metrics you should review and discuss to improve the UX on your business’ website. 

A website with solid UX seamlessly guides visitors through your website to the end goal of completing a conversion. Therefore, this must be monitored and adjusted accordingly.    

3. Are We Reaching Our Target Market?

Now for the all-important question, “are we reaching our target market?” Your marketing team should be answering this question regularly by evaluating the data every meeting.

The first place to start is by reviewing the conversion metrics found in your Google Analytics report. However, you should also dive even deeper by looking at other metrics like website sessions, email opens and click-through rates (CTR %), and social media engagements. 

Once your questions are answered and these topics are discussed, it’s time to create an action plan for the next quarter. Maybe this requires pivoting your marketing strategy; whatever it is, your marketing strategy must align with your business and sales goals.

Need a Marketing Agency Who Cares?

All too often, we encounter business owners whose marketing agencies left them high and dry with meaningless data, an aimless strategy, and thousands of dollars lost. 

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