A Look Inside a RED66 Marketing Internship, As Told by Two of Our Interns

Christine Korejwo and Cate Jewell were our two digital marketing interns that recently wrapped up their internships in May 2023. Along the way, they learned many valuable skills relating to both marketing and the real-world workforce.

We're extremely proud of them, and invite you to read about their individual experiences about being an intern at RED66.

3 Key Takeaways as a RED66 Intern

by Christine Korejwo

After soaking in all of the knowledge at RED66 as a digital marketing intern, it has come to an end. Throughout the past 8 months, I have learned more than a college class could have taught me, gained mentors, and have expanded my skill set along the way. 

Here’s my top three key takeaways from the experience, and why I would recommend anyone in the field to gain an experience like this. 

1. Having a “Yes” Mindset

Beyond putting yourself out there, I have found the importance of saying “yes” to opportunities; even if they seem out of reach or outside your comfort zone. Having this mindset as an intern has given me several opportunities to not only learn something new, but to work with people outside of my normal tasks. 

One of my favorite “yes” moments was attending the AMA West Michigan conference where I was able to step out of my comfort zone, meet marketing professionals in the area, and learn from so many successful people in the industry. 

2. SEO & Social Media

We talk about SEO all the time in class. Sure, it’s there to gain organic traffic to your website; but how does it really work? 

Before my internship, I had never done anything real-deal SEO wise. However, through internal training and my trusting leaders, I was able to put SEO into practice and learn how to uniquely optimize pages for a variety of clients across the country.

As for social media; my prior knowledge was limited within brands and social media. Through my internship, “social media” took on a totally new meaning. 

From content calendars, to bi-weekly social posts, there is much more that goes into a company's social media presence than posting a picture to Instagram.

Social posts are more about what makes the company different, what the customers are concerned about, and making something that may not be inherently interesting into something spectacular. 

3. Team Culture

Being a part of a functioning team is always something I'm looking for within a group project or organization. 

After being a member of the Western Michigan University Dance Team for the past 4 years, a team culture of like-minded individuals is something I really enjoy being a part of. 

As a RED66 intern, I always found myself being part of a functioning and trusting team. Being held to a high standard always kept me accountable and left room for me to ask for help when I needed it, clarify questions, and communicate with my team. 

As an intern, having a mentor from day one helped me find my footing throughout RED66. No matter what question or concern I had, I felt like I had a voice and that the work I did mattered. 

Key Takeaways 

I would absolutely recommend anyone in the field to take on an internship. 

Gaining hands-on experience and learning from my mistakes has taught me more in the past several months than any college marketing class can give you. 

I can confidently say that I am ready to take on the workforce with the fresh skill-set, new perspectives, and mindset I have gained from my internship. 

Cate Jewell, digital marketing internship experienceBehind the Scenes: My Digital Marketing Internship Experience

by Cate Jewell

The past five months have been extremely valuable to my future. On top of giving me the opportunity to exercise the skills I have learned over the past five years at GVSU, I was also taught new skills that I was able to use in the field with real clients!

I would be lying if I claimed I wasn’t nervous on my first day as an digital marketing intern at RED66. Luckily, the team is light-hearted and welcoming, making me feel a sense of relief and comfort.

I immediately knew I had found the right place to begin my journey as a digital marketing specialist and content creator.

Work Environment

As an intern, I've learned that a supportive environment is what I need in order to thrive. The work environment can make or break your experience.

Since entering the professional world is wildly intimidating, it's vital to find a team that backs you up and listens to you. You can trust me when I say that the work environment at RED66 is one of a kind!

Brand Voice

I've always had a passion for writing, creating, and storytelling. I knew that in order to produce the strongest, most effective content for RED66's clients, I needed to do research on each company's unique brand voice.

While writing blogs and social media captions, I focused on supporting each client's distinct purpose and personality to help them stand out from their competitors. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a fun, cost-effective way to drive more organic traffic to a company's website. During my internship, I focused a lot on maintaining and optimizing social media profiles for several of our clients.

I had the opportunity to plan, create, and schedule a variety of social posts on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business. I've had a lot of fun producing original, occasionally silly, social media content month-after-month. 


I have to be honest—when I started as an intern at RED66, I had very little SEO knowledge; let alone experience. I learned about what SEO was in class, but it was never discussed in great detail.

As an intern, I not only received more SEO training, I was also able to practice it with real-life clients by optimizing blogs, webpages, and more!

Expanded Network

I would not trade the professional connections I’ve made with the RED66 team for the world. The past five months allowed me to form lasting relationships with people in my field that inspire me.

To strengthen my network, I regularly offered to help anyone that needs it. Even small, yet sincere, efforts can grow your network during an internship.

An Ending That is Only the Beginning of My Professional Career

Would I recommend taking on an internship at RED66? Without a doubt. 

My last week as a digital marketing intern has been very bittersweet. While I'm sad that my time working with the RED66 team is coming to an end, I'm more confident now than ever in my decision to work in the marketing field. I know my new skill sets and perspectives will aid me in any future roles I take on!

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