Why WordPress Is This Agency’s Web Development Platform of Choice

You may be wondering, “why should I use WordPress for my website?”

But first, it’s important to realize that no two websites are the same. From design to domain and everything in between, websites are unique digital and visual representations of an organization, its values, products, and services. For each unique company, there is an equally unique website. 

That’s why at RED66, WordPress is our web development platform of choice. Why? There’s many reasons, but some of our favorites include WordPress’ impressive functionality, simplicity to manage, and capabilities to polish any website. 

Let’s dive into the reasons we choose WordPress as our CMS (content management system).

Functionality & Integrations

WordPress is fluid, customizable, and is prepared to handle almost all types of website projects. Traditionally, websites are coded individually. However, right out of the gate, WordPress comes with many themes, tools, and nearly 60,000 plugins. 

All of these allow for seamless integrations and beautifully designed websites—without needing to know much coding language.

WordPress plugins allow sites to easily integrate a variety of functionalities like eCommerce, custom forms, website security, and more. The possibilities are (nearly) endless with plugins. 

However, if there isn’t a plugin to meet an organization’s website needs, our team is capable of adding custom code to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Ease of Management

Another reason why we love WordPress is because it’s very user-friendly. This means that it’s easy for us to make edits, AND for our clients to make direct changes to their website. 

Our clients are clients for life. We value our client relationships, and want to make sure that the solutions we’re providing are the best possible ones for their business. 

This means creating websites that are functional and easy for the client to use. With an intuitive backend, it’s simple to identify and edit critical sections of a WordPress website. This includes individual pages, blog posts, navigation menus, and more.

It’s The Industry Standard

As of 2022, WordPress is the CMS of choice for over 43% of all webpages on the internet. This is compared to competitors, such as Shopify at 4.1%, Wix at 2.3%, and Squarespace at 2%. 

WordPress runs some of the biggest websites, including Sony Music, Playstation’s Blog, Rolling Stone, Microsoft News, and the New York Times—just to name a few. Additionally, WordPress is written in PHP, SQL, and Javascript, making it a World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) compliant system. 

While other platforms possess some of the capabilities WordPress has, none come close to the functionality and user-friendliness that it provides.

Why Should Your Business Use WordPress For Your Website?

No two companies are alike, so why should your website follow suit? At RED66, we use WordPress as our web development platform of choice to provide our clients with functional, user-friendly, custom websites that meet organization and target audience needs. 

Check out our website work, or send us a message if your website needs updating. We’re only a phone call (or email) away!

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