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This client came to us with a website that was static HTML, requiring someone with some coding knowledge to update the site. They also had a separate blog on a subdomain version of Functional design took up the primary goal of this website update, so keeping it easy to navigate and scroll was a must. We created a fresh design keeping most of the content on one page (SEO was not a factor, otherwise we’d never recommend a one page website). Our team also created the animation for upper 90 based on the content and overall goals they had for this piece.

The old website was a bit dated in look, feel and content. While it was very informative about their products, it lacked application information, customer testimonials and user stories. The new website elevates the design to a fully responsive website with larger images of products in-use. It also showcases customer testimonials for the life saving products, highlighting the importance of the client’s work. Coupled with a new SEO structure, the result is an informative new website that continues to improve in search rankings.  

Their old website was built in 2013; it was time for a refresh. While it had a strong SEO foundation and did generate leads, it lacked some usability and did not take advantage of the full-width design options. The site launched in June 2019 and is already seeing improvement in keyword rankings and leads generated through the website. Our team works closely with the marketing and sales staff at Gallagher to provide a full suite of digital marketing services and graphic design for Gallagher Uniform. Odds are if you’ve read something on their website, received an email or saw them on social media, our team played a part in that. Read our case study about Gallagher Uniform here.


Rhino Inspections LLC is a newer home inspection company that needed a website to represent the business to prospective customers. The website includes key pages for their target audiences in real estate home inspections and light commercial inspections. We also assisted in the completion of their Spectora profile, an inspection software they use. This included payment gateway integrations with Stripe and their QB online solution.


Kleen Kraft Services is a uniform rental company based in Los Angeles, California. Their old website was very static, and contained mostly PDFs for content instead of  website pages. A strong SEO foundation for lead generation was the main focus of the new website, leading to a strong website launched in October 2018. The site now generates leads, and is also an important tool to their sales and marketing teams. We also provide ongoing SEO services and email marketing management for Kleen Kraft.


This website is created using Square Space. Infinia Forma came to us with their product design, branding and a template in mind. We simply helped them set up the website so it would include the product information, ecommerce and other integrations they need as they finalize production and fulfillment of their products.

EarthTronics is a long-standing client. Their latest website was redeveloped after a brand refresh. Our approach was to highlight their full line of LED lighting fixtures and bulbs, along with informational articles for their blog. A sales portal was added to provide their representatives an easy to use place to access detailed product information, promotions and other private information for them only.

The Terre Haute Chamber website was built on a proprietary platform for the entire membership portion of their site, and integrated with WordPress. It was clunky and hard to use – so members were not using it. Working with the Chamber leadership team and their wishes, we created a new site and connected it with ChamberMaster. Read the full case study here.

We were contacted by this firm’s design agency. They had been updating an older website, but needed a fresh design, and one that was easier to add and promote their workshops, and the old site was not mobile friendly. We worked to update their website content, SEO structure and added additional functionality so they can easily add workshops, RSVP information and share news articles on the site pages, instead of via PDF files.

BCU had a website designed by another agency on a licensed Kentico platform. Due to staffing changes, the shell sat empty for several months. Our team was hired to assist in developing and inserting content and images, ultimately migrating to an easier to use, and more affordable WordPress platform. Minor design enhancements and functionality updates were made in that migration.

A simple, clean and informative website was needed to represent The Miller Foundation and the work they do in the Battle Creek Community. With more than 50 years in serving the community, sharing more about the founder and the history of the foundation were important aspects for this website development.

This website was redesigned and developed after a brand refresh was done. The website added more information about the restaurant including mobile-friendly menus, catering information, an events calendar and an online store to sell gift cards and tickets for special events like their wine dinners.

Local beekeepers and experts were looking for a website to serve as the information hub for their Ebay store, and their chemical-free methods for raising honey bees. Their goal was to increase speaking engagements to share their expertise, promote their book and support online sales through their Ebay store.

Bremer Ingredients was referred to us by their SEO agency. The website was in need of a refresh and update to make it more appealing to their end users, and implement necessary SEO improvements. We utilized their existing brand assets to create a site that is easy to use and maintain.

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