Marketing Topics & Discussions for CSC Network Members 

Marketing Your Business Post COVID-19


We’ve all been impacted by the COVID-19 virus in more ways than one. As we get back to the “new normal” our team has pulled together marketing resources and topics to help you get your business out in front of your customers and new prospects.

If you’d like to talk about any of these topics or schedule a free 30 minute session and presentation, simply contact us today. Click on each topic to learn more.

This is Not the Time to Stop or Pause Marketing Communications

You likely were down to essential staff to run your business running to serve those customers who needed you most. Salespeople may have been working in the plant, or trying their best to stay connected to your current customers. But, outreach to new prospects was put on the back burner.

In this presentation, we’ll talk about the importance of marketing and the role it plays in staying connected to prospects and customers. Keeping your pipeline full of new prospects, building awareness and maintaining relationships with current customers is all marketing. We’re sure to see it as sales, and it is, but sales and marketing teams must be aligned to help fuel the bottom-line growth of the company.

If you’d like to discuss current challenges and how to identify then implement marketing communications, we’re here to help.

Aligning Sales and Marketing to Generate & Close More Sales, Faster

In our experience, many of the uniform rental companies we’ve worked with are sales-driven organizations. We get it. Sales are what make the world go round. But, there is a better way through marketing. And as we emerge in the “new normal” the importance of marketing to stay connected to customers and generate new business is clear.

The silos between these departments are legendary. Many companies today hold the sales team accountable for all business development, while marketing is seen as sales support. In a time where nearly 70% of customers make the decision to buy from you before they even call you, it’s time to align marketing and sales to bring in qualified leads and generate sales. 

You’ll learn more about today’s “self-educating buyers” who have changed the marketing and sales dynamic. More importantly, how your business can connect these teams and practices to focus on demand generation, inbound marketing strategies and ways both teams are accountable to each other.

Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing.

Put Your Website to Work For You. 

Your website is just as important as your washing machines and overall laundry process. Just like your facility, equipment and processes are foundational to your business operations, your website is foundational to your marketing and sales success.

If you want your website to work harder and get your business found in Google searches, there are several items that need to be completed on your website. We’ll review the basics, share examples of site structure and content specific to the laundry and uniform rental industries and provide a short list of items you can implement to improve your website and overall digital footprint

Social Media Marketing in 5 Hours per Week


It is important to stay visible to customers, prospects, and even to employees. Social media can help support sales efforts but is also important in recruiting employees and demonstrating what it’s like to work there. Social media often falls on the back burner, and businesses end up with pages that are out of date. This can cause concern and wonder if a business is still operating.

We’ll show you our process used to create, curate and plan content for our clients, which includes over 50 social media channels and growing.

Email Marketing. One to One Communications

Email marketing is often overlooked or thought of as just things that go in a spam folder. This isn’t junk email or spam we’re talking about. 

Email marketing one marketing channel that many people miss out on or miss-use.

A solid email strategy helps you build credible email subscribers and share content with them that is helpful, informational or special. 

We’ve helped uniform companies improve customer retention rates and increase add-on sales with simple, consistent email marketing plans.

Let’s talk about how using your current customers, and prospects list to generate incremental sales, stay connected and keep your business in front prospects with relevant, timely information.