Digital Marketing Services

Social Media. Blogging. Email Marketing. Digital Ads. Etc.

Digital marketing is SO many things today.

  • Is it your website?
  • Is it social media?
  • Is it blogging?
  • Is it video?

How Is Digital Different from Traditional Media?

Digital Marketing Services RED66 Marketing

In our opinion, the old days of traditional media, new media, digital media – are gone. It’s all just marketing. We just have a lot more digital channels available, and many are free to get started with. (Even though most require some sort of paid advertising or sponsored posts to get good reach). The most important channels are the ones where your audiences are.

Are they product engineers who are not on social media? Perhaps they are locked in a basement somewhere developing the next amazing device. Great – what trade publications do they belong too, what magazines are they reading, and can we get them via direct mail or phone calls. (Yes, those are all still marketing channels too).

Or, is your audience a savvy 30 something who loves technology, uses search and social media for all information, news and resources. Heck, they haven’t picked up anything printed in years. Where do they hang out? How are they interacting in those channels? How can we connect with them, and those who influence them?

It is ALL MARKETING. Yes, much more is done digitally today. So let’s work together to create the best digital marketing strategy for your business. Give us a call or contact us today to start the conversation.