Top Tips for Creating and Maintaining Social Media Content

You need to know how to maintain social media presence. However, when it comes to curating, scheduling, and planning your social media content, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed. We see it happen to clients all the time.

But, by focusing on the development of a strategy when it comes to all of your content, you can streamline your process and eliminate your worries.

What Social Media Platforms Should You Use?

We get this question a lot. Or we find that clients are on every channel and struggle to keep them current and relevant. Our first (and most important) social media tip is to choose your channels wisely. Although you might think it’s important to be on each and every social media platform, it’s time to change that mindset.

Through research and time, you can figure out two or three social media platforms that will work best for you. Knowing your goals, your audience, and your demographic can help you decide which social apps will most benefit you.

  • If you’re seeking the young and tech-savvy, Twitter is a good choice.
  • If you’re targeting a more mature audience, Facebook will work best.
  • If you’re selling a detailed product that can be sold visually, Instagram makes sense.

Taking your target audience into account will help you choose the best platforms for your venture and allow you to not spread yourself too thin.

Plan, Curate, Create and Schedule

If you’re creating your social media posts every day at the time you post them, you’re merely wasting time. A great strategy when it comes to social media is taking a couple of hours once a week to plan out your social posts for the following several days.

For example, taking a couple of hours on a Monday to choose and schedule your content for the following week will save you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on other essential parts of your business.

Re-doing this process each Monday will get you into a routine and save you precious time! It will also allow you to spend more time interacting with those who comment, share and interact with your content – which means better engagement.

Our Social Media Content Process

At RED66 Marketing, we pride ourselves in our processes. It’s how we manage and maintain more than 20 social media profiles for our clients, usually 2 or 3 per client. Here are a few things we do in preparation for planning out social media content.

Develop Themes

This is an easy way to create consistency in your social media posts. Whether it’s a specific hashtag like #TipTuesday or simply knowing within your business that Thursdays are for company blogs and Saturdays are for photos; creating themes like this will make your search and curation of content much simpler.

Use Your Own Sources

Curate your own content. Get solid images of products, office space, employees, or anything else that’s pertinent to your business and stockpile them.

Invest in a good camera or use your smartphone—these have progressed immensely and are an easy way to get quality images!

Find Outside Content Sources

Another option is a news feed, like Feedly. This is a customizable website that allows you to follow certain topics or sources that relate to your business and your customers.

For example, we have a board that focuses solely on marketing tips, giving us an easy way to access the latest articles, infographics, and helpful tips about all things marketing, which we can then share with our clients.

Plan and Schedule

Sign up for Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, or another scheduling platform (Facebook’s internal scheduling works well, too). Utilize these tools to plan your content out in advance. These are easy to use resources that can really simplify your process and allow you to give yourself time for other things.

Know When to Post

Understanding each platform and how it works is essential. For Twitter, post a few times a day, 3 to 5 or more is recommended). For Facebook, post once a day to no more than twice a day. Here’s a blog of our own that outlines tips for Facebook posting. There are lots of studies that show why these strategies work for each platform, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like it explained a bit more!

When it comes to social media marketing - which is today's word of mouth — it’s good to know how to use it AND how to do it correctly. There are many other aspects to creating successful social media content like paid social media ads and so much more.

We’re Here to Help You Maintain Your Social Media Presence

Contact us today if you have further questions about how to use your time toward social media! Or, if you’re looking for help in keeping your social media channels consistent, creative, engaging and working for your business.

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