Case Study

Gallagher Uniform

Traffic nearly doubles, year over year, adding 81% new users, and 40% of website growth is through organic search.

Company exceeds stretch sales goal by $300,000 dollars.

Background and History

Our President, Rebecca Dutcher, worked to develop the current Gallagher Uniform website in 2013 while working for a different agency. The website hadn’t had many updates in terms of content, especially SEO-focused content, for several years. Our team became engaged with Gallagher Uniform again in 2016 to focus on SEO/SEM and lead generation through the website, where we worked diligently to build a hub that would promote progression and sales.

The Problem

Business was going well for Gallagher, still, they were looking to increase the volume of their sales without adding many additional salespeople. They were in need of a website refresh as well as concentrated efforts on their content marketing. As a B2B supplier, Gallagher Uniform needed to reach local companies in search of their next uniform rental company.


The first step in this project was conducting an audit of the website to identify opportunities to improve all on-page SEO elements. We engaged in keyword research and competitor analysis, and we used those insights to fuel a new structure for the website. This also informed what type of content to include in their blog, social media marketing, online advertising, and what topics to marry so that we could best reach prospective customers.

Digital marketing is not a silo. The company also invested in local print advertising, truck wraps and graphics along with strengthening their sales, customer service, and route service teams. Our agency provided graphic design and messaging to keep digital and traditional deliverables consistent.

The Solution

First, we developed and implemented a calculated SEO strategy and calendar to support additional optimization for key products and services on the current website. It was a strong website with great structure where some updates, improvements and new content would deliver results.  Additionally, paid search text and display ads—including retargeting ads—were expanded in late 2018 to build more brand awareness in Gallagher’s expanding service areas.

  • 81% Increase in Total Web Visitors 81% 81%
  • 43% Increase in Organic Visitors 43% 43%
  • 111% Increase in Direct Visitors 111% 111%

Over the past two years, we have also consistently added fresh content, created supplementary landing pages for local SEO and paid search efforts, and identified further opportunities for continued growth and traffic improvements.

As search engines and search engine marketing have changed significantly in recent years, we outlined an updated site structure for a new Gallagher Uniform website, which launched in Summer 2019. The updated website construction better-utilized keyword clustering and reduces page count. This new site structure creates pages that are more specific to the search opportunity in which key buyer personas are looking for.


We succeeded in our goal to generate more relevant website traffic, leads and ultimately sales for the company. Website traffic nearly doubled, year over year, adding 81% new users, and 40% of website growth is through organic search. 

Gallagher also saw significant growth in their sales. Their stretch FY2018 sales goal was exceeded by $300,000. This was achieved by bringing and retaining a mix of over 100 customers.

“When companies call us, they already know all about us from finding and visiting our website. We get to the table and it’s a completely different conversation, and our sales cycles are much shorter.”  – John Gallagher, President of Gallagher Uniform

Conclusion and Moving Forward

Our ongoing work with Gallagher Uniform has an additional focus on customer retention through specified content, an emphasis on retargeting ads for brand building, and will turn efforts to email marketing automation to streamline customer retention. Additionally, a new website launched the end of June 2019.  This new website adopts a fresher design, improved user experience and strong SEO foundation as described above.