Here’s What You Need to Know

The latest and greatest version of the world’s most popular (and our favorite) open-source content management system – WordPress – is now available to install or download. WordPress 5.0 is a major release and it’s an important one because of one of its new features – Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a new fancy content editor in WordPress that works completely differently from the previous editor.

How? Instead of having one default section to add content, this new editor is block-based and will allow users to add more than just text and images without the need for shortcodes and other widgets or plugins. More details can be found in the official post here.

Is Gutenberg good or bad?

It depends on who you ask. It is definitely going to be the future of WordPress, like it or not. Many plugin and theme developers in the WordPress community have strong feelings that are mostly against the release of Gutenberg for many different reasons. One of them being that Gutenberg was merged into the core system prematurely based on how buggy it still is. However, end users who like to have more control over their content will like the flexibility that Gutenberg gives them. Yoast has a great FAQ section about concerns over Gutenberg.

Should you update WordPress 5.0?

All things point to Yes BUT you don’t have to right away. In fact, we’re recommending that our clients hold off a bit before making that upgrade.

Why? Anytime there is a major upgrade like this, you run into the chance for issues where the newer version might not be compatible with your website’s theme (design) or other plugins already installed on your website. Testing these things in a staging area or having your developer do it for you as the first step.

If you do decide to upgrade to 5.0 it is highly suggested that you install and activate the “Classic Editor” plugin beforehand to avoid any possible conflicts or issues with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg. Many theme and plugin developers are still in the process of updating their themes and plugins to be compatible with Gutenberg. One of the most popular and commonly used plugins (over 1 million installs), Advanced Custom Fields still hasn’t fully updated for Gutenberg because of an earlier than expected release date and technical issues.

Your best bet right now is to wait a few weeks before upgrading to 5.0 so that the developers can iron out the bugs and issues that are going to pop up because of this new and ambitious WordPress version.

This is a quick and simple synopsis of a pretty significant change in the world of WordPress websites. Experts have been talking about it for months anticipating this major roll out. When other plugin developers have had a chance to ensure their developments will work alongside this upgrade, it will be an easier transition for your website. And, we’re sure this new editor will make maintaining your site even easier so you can add images, columns and format pages in a user-friendly interface.

Still Have Questions?

Until then, if you have an alert at the top of your website admin area for “WordPress 5.0 is available. Update Now” – you might want to hold off on clicking that upgrade button. Either reach out to your website developer, host or contact us for help.


This post was written by one of our highly trusted website developers, Jordan Paraso.