Looking to enhance your networking skills both professionally and personally? Join other women just like you at the Networking Divas Conference taking place October 4th at the Bridgewater Place in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

Expect an interactive day of development with networking experts and other professionals looking to take their abilities to the next level. Build upon your existing leadership skills while studying the social, physical, and emotional aspect of making connections through group activities and mastermind sessions. Learn from intentional speakers including Grand Rapids Mayor, Rosalyn Bliss, Raquel Salas (Avanti Law), and own Rebecca Dutcher, President of RED66 Marketing!

Rebecca’s session will focus on “Effective Ways to be Social on Social Media.”

We have more social media options than ever before, and it can be overwhelming, but it’s not about being everywhere, it’s about being where it matters.

In the sea of social media, how do you as a professional identify the best channels for your business and what kind of communication matters? In this session, we’ll dive into the details surrounding that central question as well as how to tailor content, messages, and your approach by client and by channel. You’ll learn how you can adapt your messages and content to share and connect with the audiences that matter to you and your organization. 

Additional Networking Diva Conference Topics Include:

  • Vocal and Facial Coaching
  • Economic Business Trends for Women
  • How to Protect Yourself as you Network
  • SEO for the CEO
  • Budget Tips to Become a Financially Secure Diva
  • The Secret Foundations of Your Network
  • Learning How to Begin
  • DIV Quest and Trending Q&A

The day promises to be inspirational and full of applicable strategies you can thread into your professional and personal life. Learn more about this awesome event, view the conference schedule, and purchase tickets here.

We’ll see you there!