Welcome 2017!

2016 was an amazing year for our family. It brought some major changes with a family relocation from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Terre Haute, Indiana. Why? My husband had a great career opportunity to help run a foundry in Terre Haute, Gartland Foundry.

We lived 300+ miles a part for months, knowing it was worth it in the long run. After selling our home and finding our new one, our son and I joined Dad in Indiana. Bring on the new schools, new friends, neighbors and home. We love it. We lucked out and found a wonderful home in a great neighborhood. And, our neighbors across the street are from Michigan. Then around the corner is another Becky and Steve – so you know this was meant to be.

I joined an incubator, start up space called Launch Terre Haute where I quickly met some great people – who are connected to all the fun things happening here in town. This space holds monthly meet ups with pitch competitions, investors and a group based in Fishers called Start Up Ladies. Yet another sign that we were meant to be here.

My work over the years in West Michigan was full of networking events, being involved in boards like the American Marketing Association of West Michigan and Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women, and working with a lot of other professional organizations and friends throughout the community. I’ve been working for 834 Design & Marketing for 1.5 years, where I’ve been a part of an all women team and learned that yeah, we do kick ass work for great clients. I also found some great ladies to look up to there in owner, Kim Bode, and my other favorite ginger, Adrienne Wallace.

So Why Start My Own Business?

2016 was a year of change, taking me and my family way out of our normal comfort zones. I have been able to work remotely in Indiana, and make regular trips back to Michigan to visit the office and clients. Still, being involved with Launch TH and the Start Up Ladies, I’m surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs and women business leaders – I knew it was time to start my own firm.

Having worked for a few different agencies over the last 15+ years, I’ve learned a lot about the best ways to work with clients, provide the right mix of services and communications for them. I’ve also developed a strong network of partnerships with specialty firms and individuals who are true crafts-people in their own right. This strong sense of client service, communications and group of specialists has helped me realize that I’ve been my own strong personal brand for years anyway. Now it’s time to focus on that brand, nurture it, and build it.

Welcome to RED66 Marketing

If you know me, you know I absolutely love marketing. I enjoy talking about different marketing strategies, opportunities, tactics and everything in between. I have continued to learn and grow from the agencies I’ve worked with before and will bring the best of those to RED66 Marketing clients and partners.

I’ll continue to provide marketing services, more focused on the digital channels, but still fully capable of more “traditional” marketing services as well. The end goal is always that clients are able to build their brand, increase awareness and impact their bottom line. Want to learn more about us? Please explore the website or feel free to email me today.