With an economy functioning at full steam ahead, many companies (including yours I bet) are looking to grow their pool of talent. But, it’s not as easy as it may have been just a few years ago. Everyone is on the hunt right now, searching for that competitive edge that draws new talent and recruits to their door.

While companies are puffing out their chests and fluffing their feathers, passive employees have their have eyes wide open. They may have a job, a great job in fact, but they are always looking, comparison shopping between potential firms. In 2015, the voluntary turnover rate for all industries was 11.6%! That means that on average, more than 1 in 10 employees have the want or the option to pursue a career elsewhere.

To effectively attract potential recruits for more than 30 seconds, it’s essential to make marketing a bigger part of your HR strategy (hoping it’s already a small part). Marketing isn’t just for customers and business development anymore. It now spans to include HR and a solid collaboration between HR and Marketing will help you develop a more cohesive brand and stronger recruitment strategy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

We see it every day. Billboards, videos, social media campaigns, TV ads and more all geared towards the recruitment of new employees. Companies are competing for talent at all levels. Rather than just competing online with LinkedIn and job sites like Indeed, using other channels is critical to reaching more passive audiences.

Sell a New Position

Begin thinking like a marketer and develop messages for potential employees as you would to potential customers. The job description should be benefit driven and while it discusses the nitty gritty details, focus on what’s in it for them. Give them a story and something they can feel connected to.

Be More Human

Sounds simple, right? But how often do you come across stock photos of fake people giving fake high fives on a company’s career page?

  • Take the time to be real.
  • Communicate to talent using a variety of media – use videos to showcase your company culture or provide people with an online tour of your workplace, incorporate your employees into the mix as well.
  • Have an HR representative on stand by and provide a phone number people can use if interested, not just an algorithm based application platform. Give them a voice and foster authentic connection from the very beginning.

Use Your Web Presence  

When potential employees are interested in your company, what’s the first thing they do? Check out your website and review social media platforms including sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to see “who you are” (at least in the digital sense). Capitalize on the intimate access social media brings to the table by using these platforms to speak to more than just your customer base.

  • Use social media to promote your company’s culture and team building efforts
  • Highlight the great things your people are doing inside and outside of the workplace to show firsthand that you value employee development.
  • Show people why your company is a great place to work and use social media to convince them that working for you is worth their while.

Consistency is Key

Above all, make sure your HR marketing efforts are staying consistent with the company’s values and brand guidelines. Make friends with the marketing department and kick off a recruitment campaign together. Be consistent in creating and sharing stories and content too. Feature an employee every month, celebrate anniversaries and recognize employees on the website and in other communications channels.

David Amerland (Author, Speaker, Analyst) put it best when he said, “Collaboration is the new competition.” Spot. On. We collaborate with vendors, with employees, across departments and more.

Have a question about how to use marketing as a recruitment tool? Please let us know your questions or share what’s worked for you! Contact us today, or leave a comment below.