Google AdWords or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, can be an expensive lesson if you’re not careful. We’ve heard it from many clients and countless other businesses that have invested money in this advertising tool with little or no success. Frustrating to be sure, let’s shed some light on this subject and clear up any unnecessary confusion. In other words, let’s make this work for your business!

Pay Per Click advertising definitely has a purpose and a place in your search engine marketing and advertising efforts. It should have its own, well thought out strategy and goals.

3 Reasons to Use Pay Per Click Advertising to Drive Business

  • Drive immediate traffic. When you do not show up on the first page of organic search results, you can use AdWords to show up right away, while you work on your organic positions.
  • Test keywords. Before you invest a ton of time in creating content around keywords or topics you’re not sure will generate traffic for your site, you can spend a limited budget on a paid ad campaign to see what type of traffic and leads you get from them. It’s better to spend a few hundred dollars to find out something won’t generate the leads you want rather than investing weeks in creating content and website updates around words that won’t bring a strong ROI, right?
  • Support organic listings. When you show up high in organic search results and you also show up in paid ads, your search relevance skyrockets. Your audience sees you as a relevant result, earning stronger click-through rates and visitors to your website.

AdWords Campaign Components

The right approach and structure for your campaign is fundamental to its success. It isn’t just a bunch of keywords with a text ad that links through to your homepage. If anyone tries to set up your campaign like that, hide your credit card and back away slowly!

You want to bring customers or prospects to your website through AdWords, not just traffic. Anyone can get you traffic – but I’d rather have less traffic with the right people than inflated traffic numbers and no real conversions taking place. Visibility is awesome, it just needs to be the right kind.

Answer a few questions before you begin to create a more intentional and effective ad campaign.

  • Who do you want to attract to your website?
  • What are their pains as it relates to your product or services?
  • How would they search for that online?

5 Key Elements of a Successful AdWords Campaign

  1. Dedicated landing page with enough information to lead visitors to conversion. Include a clear, concise call to action (what do you want them to do next.) Make it easy for them!
  2. Campaigns – the overall timing or seasonality of your campaigns should be top of mind to keep different goals or efforts organized
  3. Ad Groups – break down your campaign into specific ad groups. This helps better organize the keywords into relevant groups based on a product or service you offer.
  4. Keywords based on the specific Ad Groups
  5. Ad variations to test what call to action might get them to click on your ad. Google AdWords has options to automatically serve the highest converting ad to searchers. You get more clicks and they get more money. It’s really about the math.

Example of a Well-Planned AdWords Campaign

A pool company might run pay per click advertising to generate leads in the early spring. This would be their spring campaign.

They should have different Ad Groups for:

  • in ground pool installation
  • above ground pools
  • pool opening services
  • pool chemicals
  • hot tubs

Why? Considering the questions (listed above) you should answer prior to establishing a campaign, these are some common queries prospective pool customers may search for.

Different text ads should be created based on the ad group and context of the search. The ads then click through to different landing pages on the website – based on what that person searched for.

The results: when someone searches for an in-ground pool installation company, they see the ad specifically about in-ground pools with specials for spring, they click on the ad and go to a landing page specifically about the in-ground pool options, offers and a clear call to action for a free quote to contact the pool company.

What Questions Do You Have About Pay Per Click Advertising?

If you’d like help in creating or updating your Google AdWords campaigns, we’d be happy to take a look. We facilitate and monitor AdWords for a number of clients, and would love to help you create an effective and successful campaign for your business. Feel free to check out our marketing services online or contact us today and let us know how we can help!