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Google My Business Optimization and Local Review Campaign Increases GMB Views by 63%

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Google My Business views increased by

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Background and History

Google My Business optimization is necessary for almost all businesses.

We've been working with Ace ImageWear and their three locations since August 2019. They have locations in Houston and Beaumont, TX, and they have a location in Kansas City, MO. Like many of our clients, they have Google My Business Pages (Now Google Business Profiles), which is the key element for local SEO.

Optimization of Google Business Profiles includes accurate and up-to-date information, local phone numbers, business hours, as well as reviews to boost your authority and visibility.

When you get more reviews (especially favorable ones), your profile ranks higher on Google for your area. This shows consumers you are trustworthy and have "authority" within your particular industry.

The Challenge

The impact of local search continues in importance, especially for local and regional service providers, like uniform rental companies in Houston, Texas, and Kansas City, Missouri. Most emails to customers go to accounting emails or managers who may oversee the uniform program for their company.

However, reaching those impacted most by their uniform programs are the wearers and employees our route service representatives interact with at every delivery and pick-up.

We knew an email campaign alone would not reach the targeted audience.

ace imagewear postcardThe Approach

Our approach was to develop a tangible medium of communication where customers could leave a review on Ace’s Google My Business page. Ace’s route representatives are on the ground and always communicate with customers when they take delivery of their uniforms.

Some of them have even been on the same route for years, establishing a friendly and familiar face with the customers.

The Solution

Our team created handouts with a QR code and took reviewers to  their respective location’s Google My Business page. After delivery, route representatives would give customers the review cards and encourage them to leave a review.

It also presented the opportunity for open dialogue and honest feedback with the route representatives or management at Ace.

While Ace ImageWear conducts independent, 3rd party customer satisfaction surveys, this integrated review campaign was a great way to support customer relationships and retention, as well as support local SEO.


The Results:

Month 1:

20,663 Total Views, up 64%

194 Website Visits, up 20%

13,800 Total Impressions, up 47%

Google My Business Optimization Ace Imagewear, Sept - Oct

Month 2:

21,102 Total Views, up 39.2%

154 Website Visits, up 4.1%

13,400 Total Impressions, up 35%

Google My Business Optimization Ace Imagewear, November

Month 3:

7,117 Total Views, down 0.5%

151 Website Visits, up 10.2%

10,600 Total Impressions, up 8.4%

Google My Business Optimization Ace Imagewear, Nov - Dec

Conclusion and Moving Forward

Over the last few months, the Houston location continues to see reviews, currently sitting at 204 Google Reviews and a five-star rating.

As a result of the review cards in Houston, we replicated this tactic in the Kansas City market, which reaped similar results. The Kansas City location saw a nice bump in reviews and currently sits at 166 Google Reviews, along with a 4.8-star rating.