The right tools make every job easier and more effective. Marketing tools are no different.

At RED66 Marketing, we believe marketing is fun and enjoy lots of marketing nerdery… but that’s not without the use of some of our favorite tools and platforms that make our jobs easier. With multiple clients and several projects going on at once, there are lots of things that need to be done daily. Over the years, we have found, tested and used many online tools to help us do our jobs more effectively. Staying on top of things and delivering the best possible outcomes is part of our everyday lives. And, since we like to help make others’ lives easier when we can, we thought we’d share some of the top low cost marketing tools that make our lives easier!

1. Asana

This is a web-based project management tool that functions as a to-do list on steroids. You can organize “tasks” by client and project, and you can also add staff, contractors, or clients to the different tasks. It’s a great way to keep yourself on top of things, and even better for a team to be able to see what everyone’s up to and what they might have coming up in the future. Even better, it’s free up to 15 users!

Asana also has a mobile app so you can add new tasks, notes and things when you’re on the go – which, if you’re like us, is All. The. Time.

2. Canva

Don’t have a creative bone in your body? That’s okay, That’s okay, Canva is here for you, and us too – when we don’t have our graphic designers right there. You’ll find great starting templates, layouts and graphics with a super easy-to-use interface. Like us, you’ll feel like a legit designer in no time. It’s free to use, and offers free and paid ($1 each) stock images, icons, and great text templates. Yes, we said $1 each. The premium version is about $200 for the year, which allows you to save brand colors (magical, we promise) and uploads – by client.

3. Hootsuite

This tried and true online tool is a social media scheduling gold mine. With organization, social media streams and abilities to organize by client, Hootsuite allows you to schedule social media posts out weeks in advance. As you can imagine, it makes planning and managing several social media channels for multiple clients as simple as possible. It’s free for up to 3 social channels, but worth every penny when you upgrade as needed. Give it a try!

Hootsuite also has a mobile app to make monitoring, responding and posting on the go easy too!

A quick note about social media scheduling: we recommend that on Facebook you should schedule within the Facebook Page directly. This is more effective for Facebook’s algorithm.

4. MailChimp

Email marketing so easy a monkey could do it… well, not quite. But, if you want to build an email list that isn’t part of your contacts and create professional email marketing messages, this is a solution for you! This program is free up to 2,000 subscribers and comes ready to go with great templates and a simplistic approach to creating marketing emails. (Many call email marketing “email blasts” but that hurts our marketing ego, since we try not to “blast” our customers at all. We use it several times a week for many clients and can create custom email messages, branded to fit our client’s messages.

5. Toggl

As an agency with a growing team, we need to track time worked on each client and their projects. The accountant says this stuff is important, and we kind of have to agree. Toggl is a time-tracking tool that integrates with asana so you can track time by client or project. It’s free for up to 4 users and makes tracking work time a breeze.

We use Toggle to run time reports for payroll and to review the work we’re doing for clients, billing amounts and all that businessy stuff.

6. Dreamhost

While we work with a hosting company for large client sites, if you’re a small business and want a reliable hosting provider for your site, Dreamhost (affiliate link) is a great option. It’s about $120 per year for your site, and can include email addresses, subdomains and more. Better yet, if you’re part of a nonprofit 501c3 organization, Dreamhost offers a FREE hosting option. Check it out!

So, there you have it. A few of our favorite things…errr marketing tools. Any questions? Let us know – email us today.